Tuesday, 30 July 2013

NWG Series, the beginning.

It’s been ages since I updated the blog because I've been busy playing toys and going on holiday and generally being busy with things that aren't writing walls of text about toy soldiers.

So since the last time I've gone ahead and actually placed in two tournaments, the first being Skibbcon, which is a team based event centered around getting really drunk and maybe playing toys, this event I won with my team mate Matt. It used three lists that were determined randomly prior to each game and the players were also switched about – Lists for this event are here, we went with bikes, all the bikes.

The second was a solo affair, Brocon, this was based in the University of Limerick and was the hottest tournament in the history of being really hot and sweaty, it really was warm. I took along Sisters of Battle with a fairly comedic list including 3 units of 3 Penitent Engines as well as some Space Wolves in Drop Pods. I finished up in 3rd place and secured my place as the best Sisters of Battle player in Ireland. List can be found here.

The next Tournament that is coming up is NWG, its more about the toys, modeling and painting. The games happen but aren't super competitive. The event will be using 1650 points of 40k and encourages displays, themes and using things that you haven’t before. It’s a great thing to motivate people to paint toys and try different things, also spend lots of money on more toys.

In my genius, or possibly madness, I've decided to have a totally new army with its own display board and a bunch of other stuff that I probably don’t have time for. I won’t spoil everything just yet but leave you with my concept sketches and try and update the blog once a week with my progress, welcome to the NWG series.

I’ll give you a hint, it involves Drop Pods!