Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Warpcon Game 1 - Chaos Space Marines

Bright and early on Saturday I arose, grumbled, and headed out in the rain to play some 40k.

After registering and stumbling into the area formerly known as the UCC canteen I said hello to a few folks and then checked the matchups. Table Number 13, unlucky for some, against Chaos Space Marines.

Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (3 objectives placed along the center line of the table, 18 inches apart and 18 inches from the short table edge)
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control

The Chaos list looked something like this:
2 Deamon Princes with Lash and wings
3 Terminators with Combi Meltas
Land Raider
5 Marines with 1 Melta
6 Plague Marines with an Icon, Powerfist and 2 Meltas
7 Khorne Berserkers, Icon
3 lots of 3 Obliterators.

I lost the roll off but my opponent, Colin, said I could deploy and take first turn.

I deployed in a corner, protecting my Manticores from as much direct fire as possible, using the Hyrdas as a shield. I sat my Lascannon HWT and the Autocannon Infantry squad on my home objective for the secondary. The Autocannon HWT hid in some ruins anchoring the centre of the battlefield. The two Chimera Vets were on the left, ready to head out and grab some objectives, the other Infantry Squad and PCS ready to head right, and the CCS sat in the middle, ready to counter attack or drop orders wherever they were needed. The Vendettas sat ready to open up on targets in the first turn. Marbo and the Banewolf stayed in Reserve.

My deployment 1
My deployment 2
Colin Deployed with this Deamon princes on each of his flanks, Obliterators in commanding fire positions on Hills. Both Rhinos were poised to ride out and grab objectives and the Berserkers ready to hop in the Land Raider. In reserve the suicide Terminators and another Squad of Oblits.

Chaos deployment

Guard Turn 1.started with the Chimeras trundling forward and popping smoke, then, shooting! The first Manticore missed, the second, missed. The Hydras Heavy weapon teams and Vendettas opened up on the Obliterators, taking 5 of the 6 down thanks to just sheer amount of saves needed to be made and some poor dice.

Chaos Turn 1. The Rhinos, Land Raider and Princes moved up, 1 squad of marines hopped out onto the secondary objective. The shooting response from Chaos was lacking in available long ranged firepower at this point. The Prince on my right lashed my Lascannon HWT to the back of the board, putting them out of LoS of everything.

Guard Turn 2. The Banewolf decides to turn up early and rolls up behind the Chimeras on the left, the Lascannon HWT tries to get into position to shoot at anything. I shoot, Mantiore one...MISS Manticore two...MISS. The rest of the force opened up with the Hydras and Vendettas popping both Rhinos the remaining obliterator and the Melta gun from the Infantry squad killing the Land Raider, the Khorne berserkers suffer a wound or two, then I charge, yep I charged, all the guardsmen died.

Chaos Turn 2. The Terminators arrived and popped a Chimera, the Berserkers head in to finish another one but don't suceed. The plague Marines move up and kill a Chimera on my left flank, the vets bail out and hide as best they can.

Guard Turn 3. Marbo arrives and appears in the wreck of the Chimera on the left. The Banewolf continues to roll forward up that flank. The PCS head towards the Berserkers, hop out and prime their flamers. Shooting again, the Manticores prime for the 3rd round of shooting, Missiles away, Manticore 1...Miss number 2...Miss, Bah. The rest of the force opens up, this time the Lascannon HWT is in place, ready to shoot the Deamon prince, Meltas hit the Terminators and 2 go down. The flamers from the PCS open up and toast 1 Berserker, only 2 remain. Marbo grabs his Demo charge and flattens all the plague marines aside from 1, the Autocannons and Vendettas take care of a Deamon prince on the left, the Banewolf helps.

Chaos turn 3. The Berserkers charge the guardsmen, the Deamon prine who is still survives attempts to lash and perils, taking a wound, the Plague marine sergeant kills Marbo, meanie. In assault the doomed guardsmen make some amazing saves and manage to wipe out the squad of Berserkers!

Guard Turn 4. I continue to push up and secure objectives, holding all three Shooting sees the Manticores do nothing, again. I kill off the Deamon prince and remaining terminator as well as the Plague Marine, leaving 1 squad of Chaos marines and the as of yet undeployed Obliterators as a threat.

Chaos turn 4. The Obliterators arrive, deploying near my central line, the fail to make a serious impact with shooting and the Chaos marines hide on the objective.

Guard Turn 5. I melta the Obliterators as hard as I can and they go down, I then proceed to flat out the Vendettas to hopefully get line of sight on the last squad of Chaos marines and finish them off next turn. Everyone else just camps on the primary objectives with victory assured.

Chaos turn 5.  The remaining marines make a desperate move to Melta the closest Vendetta but the 4+ save keeps it alive.

We roll to see if the game ends, and it does. Victory to the Imperial Guard!

Colin, graceful and majestic, even in defeat

Final Result:
Primary Objective: Win 8 - 0
Secondary objective: Draw 3 -3
VPs: 5 - 1
Final score: 16 - 4

One more turn and I would have tabled him, or at least managed 19 – 1 contesting the secondary.

My final positioning, those marines are so dead!

Overall it was great game and I was happy to start on a high.

Tournament results were just posted over on Rankings HQ:
It's official, 15th!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Waprcon Done!

Warpcon was this weekend, and most of what I've been working towards over the last few months has come to fruition.

First the Rundown of everything, in the coming day's reports on each of my 5 games will appear, with some pictures but I'm exhausted and want to sleep in a bit so just a quick one.

I got my pass, and started off, here it is in all it's glory:
The army I took looks like this, quite a daunting prospect all things considered.

1850 Mech Guard

 Here are a few snaps of games in progress, giving an idea of the scale.

Lower tables

Middle Tables

Top tables, up the back.

So i played 5 games, they were as follows:

  • Game 1 - Chaos Space Marines
Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (3 objectives placed along the center line of the table, 18 inches apart and 18 inches from the short table edge)
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control

  • Game 2 - Space Wolves
 Spearhead deployment
 Primary Objective: : Capture and Control
 Secondary Objective: Annihilation

  • Game 3 - Blood Angels
Dawn of War deployment
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control

  • Game 4 - Eldar
Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the table.)
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

  • Game 5 - Space Wolves
Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground

Game 1 was a win, Game 2 draw, Game 3 loss, Game 4 win, Game 5 win.

My final position was 15th, out of the 58 attendees. not half bad for my first 1850 tourney, top guard player of the tournament, out of 3, but nonetheless I was ahead of a lot of experienced players in the end.

And to top it all off, we had a raffle for the ETC Team, and I bought myself some tickets, to support it and all, and lo and behold, I won top prize, it's a Beautiful hardback version of "The Horus Heresy; Collected visions"

My shiny prize!

I'm very happy with this and it topped off a great weekend. It also helped that I got a free beer for my list, because it was the neatest one submitted early on, all fancy and that, being Nerdy with Excel has some advantages.

More reports to come in the future of my games, they won't be so detailed, I didn't take too many pictures, I guess I was busy concentrating on playing.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Manticores Done!

Completed my Manticores now, on old chassis, one Russ one Chimera, but it's clear what they are.


I need to get on with more stuff but the basics for the tanks are done now and I just need to do highlights etc, the flak cannons are almost done too, then it's just a pile of infantry, dooable in 5 days? Sure.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Things to do...

Most things have been primed, I have 1 week to complete painting of everything you see here to get my army ready.


My flamer conversions (I am so proud of these)

Troopers flamers and a Melta



  I made the Autocannons from a bit of Plasticard, magnets and Heavy bolters, they look good.


Flamers and Meltas

It's a daunting task but should be dooable, tomorrow I think I#ll start with the tanks and see how things go.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Warpcon list.

So here's the list for Warpcon, 1850 points exactly, a big change from my proposed list  here:
http://tzarkahn40k.blogspot.com/2011/11/proposed-army-list-for-warpcon.html in November
and here:
on the 29th of December

Company Command Squad
4x Melta Guns @10pts
Chimera with Multi Laser and Hull Heavy Flamer

Troops 1
Veteran Squad
3x Melta Guns @10pts
Chimera with Multi Laser and Hull Heavy Flamer

Troops 2
Veteran Squad
3x Melta Guns @10pts
Chimera with Multi Laser and Hull Heavy Flamer

Troops 3
Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad
4xFlamers @5pts
Chimera with Multi Laser and Hull Heavy Flamer

Infantry Squad
1x Melta Gun
Chimera with Multi Laser and Hull Heavy Flamer

Infantry Squad
1x Melta Gun
1x Autocannon

Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team

Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team

Guardsman Marbo

Fast Attack 1
Vendetta Gunship

Fast Attack 2
Vendetta Gunship

Fast Attack 3
Bane Wolf with Hull Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support 1
Hydra with Hull Heavy Bolter - Squadron
Additional Hydra with Hull Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support 2
Manticore with Hull Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support 3
Manticore with Hull Heavy Bolter

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Special Weapons and a whole Stack O' Tanks

So I went to do a bit more tonight, only just realised that I have so much to do before next Friday, it's going to be a struggle.

I have noticed that I do have a lot of Chimera Hulls now, hopefully this will be good.

I submitted my list Yesterday so the nits are set in stone and I need to do a fair few things, including 2 Melta Gunners and 2 Flamers.

Conversion time, GO!

Stack O Mech!

Magnetised hull (property of weetabix Ltd)

Flamer on
 I stuck the Manticore turret together and also assembled my Flak Cannons.

Flak Cannon
 Then I started working on my Special Weapons so I got a Valhallan and some Cadian Bits and got to work.

Flamer time!
Guy No 1 done.

No 2 Front

No 2 Back

No 2 Side
 I added in some innards of a Network cable to make the fuel feeds, I'm happy how these turned out.

For the Melta gunners I kinda called it in, take Lasguns then add Melta Ends, these were cut from the Multi Melta sponson weapons that were intended for my Leman Russ, I'm sure that they'll look good when painted.

Melta Gunners

Things to do...  Autocannon conversions x3 for my Heavy bolters, Undercoating and LOTS of painting.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Building for Warpcon

Got a bit done tonight, Magnetised the Chimer Turrets. As well as the Hull weapons, these will be interchangeable on sponsons for Leman Russes, if they ever become useful.

Chimera Turret, Multilaser
Flamer Options


Sponson style flamer

The normal Flamer

I also started to magnetise the Flak Cannons for installation

Magnetised Flak Cannon

 I glued the Missile for the Manticores, they'll get fully assembled tomorrow.

Missiles good to go

Here are my four APC style Chimeras which are nicely modular and can be made into Hydras/Manticores.

The Christmas Presents.

Mech Stacking, a very strong Technique, I have eight Chimera hulls now and three Leman Russ, plus the Banewolf and Vendettas. The Warpcon List will see 10 Tanks  2 Planes and a few dudes.

My Armour Pile

Thursday, 12 January 2012

An update, Long time coming.

With all the festive times going on I haven't really done much, now that Warpcon is 16 days away work needs to get done.

And loads needs doing:

  • Hydras (waiting on parts)
  • New Chimeras
  • Hull Heavy flamers for Old Chimeras (magnets)
  • Flamer troopers need painting
  • Heavy Bolter to Autocannon Conversions
  • Manticores!

So my order from Old Crow arrived, which means my list gets a shake up, Tactical missile Turrets!

Blu-tacced together
Now because I don't have that many Hulls I need to put one on a Leman Russ Hull. the other will go on a Chimera.
On a Chimera Hull
On a Leman Russ
Because I need to use a Russ Hull I have to remove the sponsons.
I got the main bodies of the chimeras assembled and did some testing with the sizes of the top of the hulls.

Completed Hull, will add radar on the white hatch.
To get another hull I needed to take my Basilisk apart, then I started to make the new base for mounting a Flak cannon or similar.

New Base
Rear fit
I need to get the plasticard textured so will probably try and spray and or drybrush over this netting, or glue it on. but that's pretty low priority.

I also went to magnetise a new Chimera turret, just in case Heavy Bolters make a comeback!

The plan is to magnetise all the hulls along with the Sponsons for Leman Russ, I have a lot of spare weaponry so this should be easy, once I work out the best way to go about it.

Flamer positioning.

Sponson ideas.
Weapon Selection

There'll be loads more updates in the coming days/weeks, as I work towards getting everything done in time, even after it's all assembled and tidied it'll have to be painted, I think it's going to be close.