Sunday, 26 February 2012

Da red unz go fasta!

So I managed to get a bit more assembly done on the Battlewagon and after a good shopping trip last weekend managed to get a couple of bits to get on with painting.

Heres a few blurry and not so blurry pics of the work in progress Battlewagon.

I started with a Black undercoat followed by a covering of Mithril Silver and then then Scab Red.

I went to our local game shop to pick up some greens for the Orks only to find out that the current paint Range is being canned and a new wave is coming and there wont be any new pots in for the shop until they do this. Dropper bottles? hopefully.

Front, Blurry.

Side, Blurry,

Front plate

Da Boyz go in 'ere
 I used a bit of Tin Bitz to weather the inside of the wagon.

Wagon with top


With Turret and Big Shoota

All of the painting has kind of been cheated, I used this to apply my silver and my red.

Sponge Roller

My pirate heads also turned up from MaxMini as well as my AoBR army, so I just mocked up a Boy and a Nob, waiting on my Krolmech Klaws still. The heads are beautiful sculpt, the detailing is amazing and the quality is insane, they are most certainly worth having.


AoBR Boy with pirate head

AoBR Nob Pirate

I also decided it was time to pick up a DeffRolla for my Battlewagon, well three Rollas for two as of yet unowned wagons.

I went with 1 Puppets War Rolling Slaughter and 2 of the GW Sprues, they are en route now. Whilst I was on the PuppetsWar site I did see something that I thought I should pick up...


My next mob will be Mexicans! I'm trying to differentiate between boyz so if I run a Green tide or just multiple suqads of Boyz they will all have something a bit unique to them.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Battlewagon and which Rolla?

I started putting the battle wagon together today, this will be for my Orks, the kit is fantastic, I've stuck in some Guardsmen for scale. The kit comes with a couple of options for weapon mounts and I was working on some way of magnetising them but it proved too much effort so I left it. I didnt glue everything so I can prime and paint the inside, I'm resolved that the Ork army will look a lot nicer to a unit than the Guard.

So here's a few pictures of the Wagon in progress.

Every Battlewagon should have a Deff Rolla, it's pretty much a no brainer upgrade for this Vehicle, it's only 20 points for a super advanced ram, this ram gives D6 S10 hits to it's target, troops and Vehicles.  With the front being AV 14 and that being resolved as well, this beast should kill a tank or anything that it comes across.

The big issue isn't a rules or points one it's a modelling one. When the Battlewagon kit first came out there wasnt any options to have a Deff Rolla, they had to be made from scratch.

Now I have two options, both at Extra cost, I don't really fancy doing any scratch building, I've enough to be getting on with. So here they are:

Puppets War Rolling Slaughter

Games Workshop Battlewagon Upgrade Pack

The Puppets War Roller looks incredible and costs €12 the GW Kit gives you a Kill Kannon (I think it's that) the Roller and a Grot with a spanner! for €10.50. the GW kit obviously just slots onto the current Wagon, I think in the end I will end up with more than 1 wagon. So I imagine that I'll end up with a couple of each. One thing the Puppets War Roller has is coolness, just look at the size of it! 

Saturday, 18 February 2012


With the guard being at a solid stage of completion for now and a decent list that performs well it's time to get on with another Army.

Orcs were my first Army when I started playing, this was fantasy Orcs and Goblins, but I was soon converted to 40k.

I've always loved the crazy way that the Orks were, the fluff (lore) that they have in 40k has always appealed to me as has their madcap sense of humour and just the potential that they bring.

They also have crazy conversion potential, being more of a modeller initially it's great to be able to just stick bits of armour on here and there then a gun and make it more madcap and shooty!

There some great rules out there for things like the Shokk Attack gun, wierdboys Grots and snotlings.

One of the main things that really got me into Orks was GorkaMorka.

I don't remember where I got it from or why I got it but it was amazing, it was a planet full of Orks who formed  up into gangs and fought over scrap and used teef to trade. After each game you had the chance to upgrade your boyz with weapons and skills, there were some crazy skills and loads of amazing stuff.

The Rules and the Other book are available fro free from Games Workshop.

Once I'm able to get back to Belgium and grab my stuff I think I'll try and get a Gorkamorka campaign going.

But anyway I made some orders and picked up the following to get started:

The ork army from Black Reach

Some Power Klaws from Kromlech
10 of these Pirate Heads from Maxmini

20 of these Pirate Heads from Maxmini

I also received for Valentines day, a Battlewagon which I'm in the process of assembling, so far I've two unglued wheels done.
It's a massive kit.

I need to get a Deff Rolla for it but I'll probably go into that more in the future.

I know that in Belgium I have at least 4 Trukks and 2 Trakks, A Scorcha, A Lobba, a Buggy, a pile of Boyz, Nobz, Grots, GorkaMorka Boyz, A Runtherd, StormBoyz, a Warboss, 3 of the Metal Killa Kans and loads of Bitz and pieces. Which will give me a sizeable force off the bat, they might need stripping and reassembling but I'll get down to it. I just need to get over thre and get them, flights from Cork are starting in Late March, so I'll probably hop over in April for a weekend to grab a couple of Suitcases full of toys.

Anyway heading out to buy some supplies for painting as well as hopefully a brush and some Tamiya weathering pigments, want to make my Orks look dirty! I'll try to resist getting a box of Kans, but it might not happen, oh and the Codex needs to be purchased.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Warpcon Game 5 – Space Wolves.

Pitched Battle deployment

Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground

After my win over the Eldar I was feeling confident that I could do well and after enjoying a swift pint
to bolster my confidence I prepared for Game 5, being Kill Points I really didn’t want a shooting or
MSU Army to face, just my Luck, I end up against Wolves...

The Space Wolf list looked like:
Arjac Rockfist
Land Raider Redeemer
A few Wolf Guard with fists and Combi Meltas
Wolf Guard with Terminator Armour and Cyclone Missile Launcher
Priest with Jaws and Hurricane
Wolf scouts with a Melta
3 Long Fang Packs with 4 Missiles 1 Lascannon
One Las/Plas Razorback for one Pack of Long Fangs
Wolf Scouts with sniper Rifles
Grey Hunters with a Melta in Rhino
Grey Hunters with a Melta in Las/Plas Razorback

The Wolf Guard were split amongst the Scouts and grey Hunters. Arjac was in the Land Raider with
one Wolf guard Pack.

I got first turn and set up behind the thankfully Line of sight blocking terrain. I tried to hide my
Manticores as best I could with the Heavy Weapons team and CCS anchoring the right flank with
the Hydras and Infantry sitting on a secondary (skittle) objective looking across the left flank. I kept
both squads of Veterans, the PCS the Mechanised Infantry Squad, Banewolf and Marbo in reserve.
Providing fewer targets for initial fire, also with the LoS blocking terrain I would have had to deploy
in the open.

The Wolves deploy with the Long Fangs in cover on each flank with the Razorbacks hidden behind
the cover. The Sniper scouts set up in the central objective. The Grey Hunters in the Rhino deploy in

the middle along with the Terminator Guard pack. Arjac and his Raider opt to stay in reserve, as do
the Wolf Scouts.

My deployment

Imperial Guard Turn 1: I open up the shooting with all available weaponry shooting at the Long
Fangs and trying to force as many saves a possible, a few are failed and the Sergeants of the Packs
get removed.

Space Wolf turn 1: The grey Hunters advance to the central terrain and the Rhino moves up to my
right flank hoping to engage my Heavy Weapons Team. The wolf shooting is ineffectual but manages
to stun a Manticore and knock a wound off a Lascannon team. The CCS Chimera gets popped and
the squad hop out and move towards the cover. A Vendetta gets stunned but stays in the air.

Imperial Guard Turn 2: I jump the Vendetta around moving flat out as I won’t be shooting with
it. The PCS arrives from reserve and takes up position in its Chimera behind the Hydras. Shooting
continues and a couple more Long Fangs die along with some of the infantry attached to the
Terminator in the central objective.

Space Wolf turn 2: The Wolf scouts arrive and move on the best possible table edge, on my distant
left flank. The Rhino moves up and so do the Grey Hunters with Terminator in tow. The Cyclone
Launcher shoots at my Vendetta and manages to immobilise it, and as it move flat out, it crashes
down. The Sniper scouts ping a few shots around the Heavy Weapons team but they make cover

Imperial Guard Turn 3: Marbo and the Banewolf arrive from reserve, Marbo deploys in the Central
objective between the Snipers and the Grey Hunters with Terminator. Both squads of veterans arrive
and zip onto the board. Marbo throws his demo charge at the Grey Hunters and kills a few of them
and the other combined shooting whittles the squad down to just the Terminator. The Scouts on the
left flank take some shooting and end up with just the Wolf Guard standing.

Space Wolf turn 3: The Rhino moves up a little bit, one of the Long Fangs breaks from his cover to
hide behind the building with him being the only remaining squad member. The Razorback with Grey
Hunters in on my right breaks cover and heads for one of the Space Wolf Objectives. The Priest in
the Rhino invokes the power of Jaws and takes out a Lascannon and an Autocannon.

Imperial Guard Turn 4: The last Chimera arrives and moves up to provide support where needed.
The vets roll forward as does the Banewolf, looping round the right. Marbo uses move through
cover and gets closer to the Lone Terminator. The Shooting phase sees Marbo take a pot shot at the
Terminator, nothing happens. The Wolf Guard from the scouts gets picked off. And some shooting
happens to the Wolf Guards Rhino, wrecking it. Marbo then Charges into combat and strikes first,
causes two wounds, and Snake eyes!

Space Wolf turn 4: Arjac and his Land Raider arrive and power it towards my army at full speed.
The Grey Hunters from the Rhino hop out and move towards my line. The Razorback sits on the
objective with the Grey hunters still inside. The grey hunters pop another Chimera and proceed to
assault the Heavy Weapons teams, creating a big melee with the Lascannon team piling in as well
and multi charging a Chimera. This results in a dead Chimera and the death of the Lascannon HWT.
The Autocannon team passes Morale and manages to hold.

Arjac turns up
Imperial Guard Turn 5: The army pours fire into the Land Raider and fails to make a dent, Marbo
moves up to assault the sniper scouts and fails to kill anything with his shooting. The Vets move up
and with the CCS charge into the Grey Hunters managing to win combat.

Space Wolf turn 5: Arjac and his Raider move up and jump out, he Chucks his hammer at a chimera
and explodes it. The Veterans inside deploy behind the wreck. The Banewolf proceeds to lose its
turret but soldiers on. The squad then mutli charges and catches the other Vet Squad, leaving just 1
Sergeant alive who manages to outrun the Wolves and heads for the table edge.

The Veteran Sergeant Flees
Imperial Guard Turn 6: I unload every bit of firepower I have left into Arjac and his boys, making
sure I have plenty of distance on them so I can’t be assaulted. I rally the single Veteran Sergeant and
he runs for cover. Marbo continues to fight but combat is still drawn.

But Rallies just at the table edge.
Space Wolf turn 6: Arjac can’t reach anything in combat it so they try and shoot and manage to
immobilise a Manticore. Marbo combat continues and nothing happens.

Game ends!

Based on the Kill points I just managed to scrape a primary win as well as holding onto enough
secondaries as well. Another turn and I would have been toast. It was a great game and a really
enjoyable end to my weekends gaming.

On reflection I may have the timings off on the turns and it could be that I actually went second, oh
well it’s the result that counts. I think that I did actually go second. That would explain why things
seem a little odd, too late to change it now.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warpcon Game 4 - Eldar

Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the table.)
Secondary Objective: Annihilation  

Day 2 of Warpcon started a bit later than Day 1 and after having a bit of a rest I was ready to go.
Still smarting from my defeat yesterday I resolved to play tactically and try to grab a win. My opponent was playing Eldar, this certainly made a difference from the Power Armour that I’d faced so far.

The list, as far as I could remember was:
2 Fire Dragon Squads in Falcons
2 Squads Dire Avengers
2 Squads Guardians, with Starcannons
2 Fire Prisms
There might have been more infantry, not sure.

I won the roll and chose to deploy first. Due to the nature of the mission, there were a number of objectives that needed to be secured so I deployed giving my Chimeras good paths to reach the objectives as well as engage fast moving targets if necessary and usual Marbo and the Banewolf were in reserve.
The Eldar force opted to reserve completely.

Imperial Guard Turn 1: I move forward knowing that there’s nothing for me to do other than get into position.

Eldar Turn 1: Nothing Happens.

Home Quarter.

Imperial Guard Turn 2: I move forward again securing all objectives aside from the one in the Eldar table quarter.

Eldar Turn 2: One Falcon with Fire Dragons turns up as well as one Squad of Dire Avengers, the Falcon moves flat out up my left flank and the Dire Avengers walk on and run towards the objective.

Imperial Guard Turn 3: Marbo and the Banewolf turn up, I stick Marbo in cover next to the Dire Avengers and the Banewolf moves up to anchor my left flank. Marbo chucks his Demo Charge at the Dire Avengers and kills seven out of ten. Everything else that is in range and has line of sight shoots at the Falcon, destroying it and then reducing the Fire Dragons to 1 model. The Dire Avengers break and flee towards the edge of the table.

"Deployment" by turn 2 with objectives marked
Eldar Turn 3: The Dire Avengers flee off the Table. A trickle of Eldar forces move onto the Table, 1 Falcon with Fire Dragons, the Wraithlord. The Guardians with Eldrad and a Fire prism. The Eldar forces shoot at Marbo and manage to kill him. The lone Fire Dragon shoots at a Chimera and causes some damage but fails to destroy it.

Imperial Guard Turn 4: With some more Targets and objectives held by troops the main focus of the turn is shooting. The Lone Fire Dragon gets taken out, a Fire Prism also gets destroyed. The second Fire Dragon squad takes a lot of hits and the Manticores manage to get a triple rocket off on one squad of guardians causing many wounds and eliminating the squad. Eldrad also gets shot up and his squad soak most of the wounds. With the second Falcon having its rear armour exposed it takes a weapon destroyed result.

Eldar Turn 4: Another squad of Guardians turn up as does the Fire Prism with some Dire Avengers. The Fire Prism manages to blow a Chimera open that is sat on the main objective and a couple of guardsmen go down to the wraith lord. The vets sat on the furthest objective on the opposite table edge take a couple of wounds but do well making saves after getting pie plated.

Opponents Half objective

Imperial Guard Turn 5: There are plenty of targets available for shooting so there is a great fusillade of fire from all units, managing to take out Eldrad and what’s left of his squad. The 2nd Fire prism gets finished off as does the Falcon. There isn’t much left on the field for the Eldar at this point.

Eldar Turn 5: The Wraithlord gets confused without a Farseer and doesn’t do anything; the last squad of Guardians arrive from reserve and head for the objective. The remaining squad of Dire Avengers goes to hide in some woods. When shooting the Fire Prism scatters and misses hitting the Vets who are hiding.
We roll for another turn, and get one...

Left flank, Anchored

Imperial Guard Turn 6: I continue to shoot, taking out the Dire Avengers, Guardians and Fire Prism, leaving just the Wraithlord standing.

Eldar Turn 6: The Wraithlord attempts some shooting, fails to make an impact.
Game ends with an astounding victory for the Imperial Guard.

The only remaining Eldar model is the Wraithlord, I’m sure another round of shooting would have dealt with him too.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Warpcon Game 3 – Blood Angels

Dawn of War deployment
Primary Objective: Annihilation
Secondary Objective: Capture and Control

Game 3 was against Blood Angels, the most beautiful looking Blood Angles I have ever seen, you can see a picture here: 

The army list was as follows

Furioso Dreadnaught
Assault Terminators 2 with TH/SS
Death Company in Rhino
Marines in Razorback
Marines in Razorback
Sanguinary Guard with Infernus pistols
Honourguard with Melta Guns

We rolled off to deploy and I ended up with first turn, I deployed up front with a gunline arrayed, ready to open fire on any Marines that showed up. Marbo and Banewolf are in reserve. No marines were deployed, opting for them to roll on turn 1, with a squad of Assault marines and a Squad of Sanguinary Guard in reserve for deep striking.

Imperial Guard Turn 1: The rest of my force rolls and flies onto the board, I tried to get my Manticores hidden away and give everything else a god field of fire, with nothing to shoot at the turn ends.

Turn 1 arrival.

Blood Angels Turn 1: The army rolls on with a few tanks on my left flank. The Stormraven heads right up the middle. A predator manages to see a Vendetta and smashes it out of the sky due to it going flat out.

Imperial Guard Turn 2: The Chimeras move up and get into position. Everything that can fire does so, managing to take out the Stormraven forcing the Terminators with Librarian and dreadnought to get out and walk. Not much else happens in terms of shooting.

Blood Angels Turn 2: The Death Company move up towards my infantry, the terminators and Dreadnaught stomp forward towards my centre line. More shooting whittles down some of my troops and pops a Chimera as well as a Hydra.

Imperial Guard Turn 3: Marbo appears this turn, I deploy him overlooking the Terminators. Marbo loads up his Demo charge and throws it, at himself... He makes his cover save, thankfully. The rest of the army sits pretty still and tries to fire. This fails to make an impact, a fair few armour and FNP saves are made, a couple of the Terminators go down from some Melta fire

Blood Angels Turn 3: The deep striking reserves arrive behind my Manticores and have lots of Juicy targets. The dreadnaught and Terminators move up, as do the Death Company. The Sang guard and marines take out a couple of tanks. The Dreadnaught does the same, the terminators shoot at some of the infantry as they advance. The Death Company sweep in and destroy the Autocannon team.

Imperial Guard Turn 4: The Banewolf arrives and moves up to toast the Sanguinary Guard. Marbo moves towards the Terminators with the intention of throwing his life away, everyone else opts for shooting. The Banewolf shoots his Chem cannon at the Sang Guard, 5 dead marines... turns out no, 2+ save, I just wasted my shots there without realising, such a bad mistake, I’m still beating myself up about this. The rest of the shooting manages to take out a few of the Assault Marines but with FNP this is proving to be a hard task. Marbo charges, fights, and kills the Librarian then gets crushed by the Terminators.

Blood Angels Turn 4: The army runs rampant throughout my lines killing all sorts of things, it’s really not looking good for me, by this time I had really given up and I can’t really remember what went on after this turn, needleless to say it was a serious defeat and in the end I was tabled.

End Result: Loss

This was the last game of the day, and as Kill points, by far my favourite mission. Because of some early mistakes and underestimating the power of the Blood Angels I spread myself out and left my rear exposed to Deepstrike, I should have just made a castle, wrapped my tanks in troops and shot as much as I could. I was tired after 2 games and felt a bit burnt out, just wish I’d thought about it more and played better but it was a learning experience.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Warpcon Game 2 – Space Wolves.

It’s been a while in coming, this report; I’ve been very busy doing not a lot of things really but haven’t had time to get these reports up. So here’s Game 2 from Warpcon.

Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: : Capture and Control
Secondary Objective: Annihilation

Game two of Warpcon was against Space Wolves, one of my least favourite opponents as mech guard, stoopid Long Fangs!
The list looked something like this:
Rune priest with Jaws and Hurricane
Rune priest with Lightning and Hurricane
5 Wolf Guard with Power Fists and Combi Meltas
3 Long Fang Packs with 5 Missile Launchers
Transport of 3 Las/Plas Razorbacks
4 Packs of 7 Grey Hunters
Transport of 4 Rhinos
2 Squads of 5 Wolf Scouts with 1 Melta

The Wolf Guard were split up and attached to the Scout Squads and three of the Grey Hunter Squads.
The Scouts opted infiltrate, and 1 Rhino was held in reserve.

Objectives were placed, mine was in-between two hills, and his was close to the centre of the table.

The Wolves were going first and deployed aggressively in their table quarter, with two squads the Long Fangs sat back in a building in the rear corner ready to open fine.

I set up in a vehicle Castle in the corner, trying to cover my immediate access to my tanks by filling up the short edge with a conga line of guard and the long edge with tanks. The Lascannon Team went on the Objective and the Autocannon Team was set up with a field of fire over to the Space Wolf positions. All the Chimeras bar the one containing the CCS were ready to roll out towards the Space Wolf positions, the CCS hang back to provide orders to the weapons team and offer a reactionary blast of Meltas. The Vendettas were deployed further away from the army in preparation for a scout move against the first Turn shooting. Marbo and the BaneWolf were in reserve.


Space Wolf Imperial Guard Turn 1: Initiative Stolen! Owing to 1 lucky dice, Initiative was stolen and Guard secured the first turn. The chimeras rolled forward towards the centre of the table and the Space Wolf objective, everything else hung back and opened fire. The Manticores managed to smash the Long Fangs at the back and dish out 6 deaths out of the 12 models in the Building. The rest of the army, I forget who did what exactly, shook the Razorbacks, destroyed one and managed to pick off a couple more Long Fangs.

Space Wolf Turn 1: most of the Rhinos move up into position towards the advancing Guard including the Long Fangs in a Razorback. The Long Fangs at the back opened fire but failed to take anything out. The rest of the army really didn’t have much to bring to bear as it had all moved about or was shaken.

Imperial Guard Turn 2: The Chimeras rolled up a bit more and prepared to open fire, the rest of the force did just that. The long Fangs were down to 1 Missile Launcher at the end of shooting, and a Rhino lost a weapon and a Razorback was destroyed.

Space Wolf Turn 2: The Rhinos moved up and a pack of Wolf Scouts arrived, in the worst possible place for them, the short edge at the other end of the table. On the Central terrain a squad of Grey Hunters hopped out and so did the Long Fangs, setting up fire positions. Shooting was more effective this round, taking out a Vendetta and shaking a Chimera.

Imperial Guard Turn 3: The Bane Wolf arrived and powered towards the centre, hoping to melt some pesky Grey Hunters, the Chimeras manoeuvred for position setting up the Melta Vets to deal some malty death. Shooting wasn’t so good, with a lot of missed shots but another Razorback was taken out and the exposed Long Fangs were whittled down to just 1 man.

Battle for the Middle

Space Wolf Turn 3: The second lot of Wolf Scouts arrived and exposed a serious issue with my wall of tanks, there was a gap, the Tanks had just enough space in front of them before the Autocannon HWT, the scouts snuck in, and this was bad news. The Rhinos Moved up and some Grey Hunters went to get involved with smashing up a Chimera or 2. Not much happened during the shooting phase. During assault the Scouts Multi charged the Hydras and the Autocannon team, killing the Autocannon Team and taking out 1 Hydra. A Squad of Grey Hunters killed a Chimera and the Vets inside made some decent saves and set up in the wreck.

Battle for the Middle

Imperial Guard Turn 4: Marbo arrives into the thick of things, facing off against the Grey Hunters and Rune priest that the BaneWolf was also heading towards. The Vets and Chimeras jostled for position again, a couple of the tanks being unable to shoot so they opted for a “reverse advance”. In the shooting phase the Wolf Scouts got dealt with by the rest of the castle and the PCS. The BaneWolf and Marbo took care of some grey Hunters and a Rune priest. This was the last turn of shooting for the Manticores; they killed a couple of Grey Hunters. The final Long Fang in the middle also bit the dust.

Space Wolf Turn 4: the Wolf scouts move through my line to set up for some more charges, targeting my Vendetta and the Lascannon team sat on the objective. A squad of grey Hunters load up and burn it towards the objective as well, lining up to contest. There’s a bit of shooting and Marbo goes down, the Banewolf also gets popped, having done its job. The Wolf scouts charge and Shake the Vendetta, extra Armour makes it a Stun, and clear up the Lascannon team, meaning the objective is currently in Space Wolf hands.

Castle holds strong

Imperial Guard Turn 5: I react with everything that I can, lining up to shoot at the wolf scouts and get as many models onto the objective as possible. The stunned Vendetta goes flat out towards the Space Wolf Objective and ends up on it. I shoot the wolf scouts to pieces with whatever firepower is left, by this time it’s not a lot with the Manticores having used all their missiles and the Hydra that is left having just its hull Heavy Bolter. I thankfully force enough saves that can’t be made.

Space Wolf Turn 5: The Wolf Scouts in the Rhino move up, hop out and charge my Objective holding Infantry squad. The rest of the Army shoots at the Vendetta, hoping to shift it off the point, the flat out save and some poor Armour Pen rolls keep it alive. The Wolf Scouts assault the squad on the objective but fail to cause enough wounds and the combat continues, the Vendetta is assaulted as well but the sixes to hit mean that it lives.

We roll for turn 6, and there isn’t one, final result:
Primary Objective - Draw.
Secondary Objective -Loss

It was a tough game and I was lucky to do as well as I did, in hindsight I think it would have been prudent to kill his troops more and forget about the Long Fangs. I was very lucky with the first lot of Wolf Scouts coming in from the wrong edge, and I am annoyed that I didn’t protect from the other squad properly as they really did the most damage to my force overall. The last minute Vendetta contest and ending of the game on turn 5 was thankfully just what I needed.