Sunday, 26 February 2012

Da red unz go fasta!

So I managed to get a bit more assembly done on the Battlewagon and after a good shopping trip last weekend managed to get a couple of bits to get on with painting.

Heres a few blurry and not so blurry pics of the work in progress Battlewagon.

I started with a Black undercoat followed by a covering of Mithril Silver and then then Scab Red.

I went to our local game shop to pick up some greens for the Orks only to find out that the current paint Range is being canned and a new wave is coming and there wont be any new pots in for the shop until they do this. Dropper bottles? hopefully.

Front, Blurry.

Side, Blurry,

Front plate

Da Boyz go in 'ere
 I used a bit of Tin Bitz to weather the inside of the wagon.

Wagon with top


With Turret and Big Shoota

All of the painting has kind of been cheated, I used this to apply my silver and my red.

Sponge Roller

My pirate heads also turned up from MaxMini as well as my AoBR army, so I just mocked up a Boy and a Nob, waiting on my Krolmech Klaws still. The heads are beautiful sculpt, the detailing is amazing and the quality is insane, they are most certainly worth having.


AoBR Boy with pirate head

AoBR Nob Pirate

I also decided it was time to pick up a DeffRolla for my Battlewagon, well three Rollas for two as of yet unowned wagons.

I went with 1 Puppets War Rolling Slaughter and 2 of the GW Sprues, they are en route now. Whilst I was on the PuppetsWar site I did see something that I thought I should pick up...


My next mob will be Mexicans! I'm trying to differentiate between boyz so if I run a Green tide or just multiple suqads of Boyz they will all have something a bit unique to them.

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