Saturday, 26 November 2011

Space Hulk

So instead of the usual 40k activites, theres a bit of a Guard free update, Played a bit of the new space hulk today with the Finnish man, Mikko.

Heres a few shots of the games, we played the first mission: Suicide Mission taking it in turns to play a side each. The game is pretty hard as the Terminators and requires some lucky dice to get the win.

The objective was to get one flame shot into the Control Room at the top of the map.
Suicide Mission Layout

You only hit and kill a Genestealer when shooting on a 6, unless youre firing consecutivley, this becomes a 5+ even then it's 5 Terminators Vs countless gribblys.

The Heavy Flamer is very overpowered and can eliminate an entire room or section of the map and remains there, effectivley meaning that you are able to block off avenues of attack really easily.

It's a bit of a shame I don't have all the models painted fully, but I'm working on it, after the guard. 

Deploying the  Marines
Spare chaps.

2nd Marine Turn.

Thats a lot of blips

Solid flamer action

Burn evil aliens!

Last man standing one door away from victory.

Seargent on overwatch

So many genestealers

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Space wolves, so OP!

Just got back from WAC, almost got tabled, but not quite.

A lot of the Terrain didn't turn up till we'd already got started and we went with the old Books under the sheet method, well it was my Army trays.

Not got time to write things up fully right now but heres the deployment, Termagants were objectives, there might be an objective marker in Vassal somewhere, I don't know where.

The Transports are loaded with Guardsmen and "Team Jacob Marines" respectively, had to get that twilight dig in once.
In reserve:
Guard: Banewolf, Vendettas and Vets
Wolves: 2 Packs of Wolf Scouts.

And a couple of action shots, it neither ended well...

Blue Squad get stuck in!
The PCS put up a Valiant defense.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pre gaming last minute modelling.

It always happens, you know your going to play tomorrow, got to get something done that you said you would.

So tonight I watched Sherlock, episode 2 of the excellent BBC drama. And did some flocking.

the Vets all got flocked and I decided to do some designation, behold Squad BLUE and the Vendetta for them:

Squad Blue

And again
It's only the 1 marking on the Vendetta.

These guys are just still squad GREEN, the 3rd squad will likely be red, when I get round to buying the models to make a 3rd.

Theres also the two CCS Melta chaps and the Steel Legion lieutenant, thinking of it now as I write, there are 2 Steel Legion troopers in my bag somewhere without any flock. Damm.

Squad Green and the Melta boys.
 I managed to also finish off Basing the Vendettas, I was quite proud of my Road basing, heres squad Blue standing on it.

They have roads in the 41st Millenium

After deploying.

Stay on the pavement, got to be safe

Both Flying bases together.

I feel it was a productive enough evening, who knows maybe I can get a win tomorrow, doubt it...

Monday, 21 November 2011

A Half Battle at Other Realms, fun all the same.

Just had most of a game in other realms, only had time for 3 turns each and my 4th, It was a fun game against Lukes Chaos Marines My tank line did the job and trashed a lot of his kit, he didn't have much mech and Plague Marines really are tough.

Some poor obliterator armour saves went my way, and his daemon prince took a lot of shots.

The Vendettas went on suicide drops but didn't get shot down, the guy really lacked ranged anti armour.

The star was the bane wolf, rolling out and taking out 10 marines in 1 turn, it was carefully deployed.

We ran out of time and it could have gone either way, with 10 chosen and 10 melta guns coming on in his next turn, that would have been down to the outflanking.

Hopefully next time we can persuade the store to open later, or get me snuck into the old tables at work, or create some terrain, might be a project for a weekend round their house, they have the space, will see.

The Tank Line


The Melta Assault

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sly Marbo, Meltas and other chaps.

Finished off a few things this morning, first up, two Melta Veterans for the CCS:

Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee

Also finished the rest of the Platoon Command Squad for the Steel Legion platoon:

Grenade Launcher

Next up is the counts as Marbo chap, I manage to finish off the "demolition charge", but being the resourceful chap that our man is, he's had to make do with a belt of grenades and such, I think they did this in a film where they get a belt of grenades and arm them all with 1 pin, pass.

"Demo Charge"
Marbo with his charge in mid throw, LOOK AT THAT TACHE!

I was looking at the desk and things to do, these chaps need some paint, some special weapons, 2 of them the Metal Cadians, 1 Karskin model, 2 plasma and 1 Melta, in theory they could be supplemented into my storm troopers and used as Vets or subbed into the Vet squads if I ever decide to run Plasma Vets, but I don't think that I'd like how they'd look out of place.

Need Paint. L-R: Plas, Plas, Melta

I also have a bunch of Valhallans that need to be primed, adding them in as potential reserve will be great, just in case I want to run a Power blob force with so many guardsmen the table groans under the sheer weight of that many metal models... plastics, pah.

Need priming
I also need to base my vets to get them where I want them to be, need to come up with some sort of identification markings to separate the squads, was thinking coloured shoulder pads or similar.

Need some flock/basing.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday morning Models.

So I got a nice win from eBay, from Canada, it even came with the classic blister back. The final Melta gunner, of the 4 needed.
Oh the memories. 

 I also finished stripping down the new batch of recruits, they came with a Melta too but that was prioritised, 17 Valhallans for the Army, 2 flamers, which I'll probably never use, a Lieutenant Mortar and Missile Launcher. There was also a Sergeant whos going to become Counts as Marbo and a Model I'd never seen before.
New Recruits

 It's a Running Valhallan trooper with some sort of re-breather, and I thought I'd got all the classic guard models.
A rebreather?

 And heres the Sergeant, counts as Marbo, I've given him a Moustache, the beard is on but I didn't photo it, he's going to be using a Tyranid claw as his poisoned blade and I'm putting together a belt loaded with grenades and Melta Bombs as his Demo charge, think I'll skip the pistol.

What a majestic Moustache.

 I also decided to put together the rocket pods for the planes, no magnets yet, I think they may be lost in warp transit somewhere, I'm chasing that up, but put them together anyway.

Rocket pods

Rocket pods 2
Going to have a game on Monday after work with some friends, might actually be able to make the list do something other than die a lot, or draw...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another night at WAC, another game

Tonight, Grey Knights, took a few shots with my Phone of some stuff.

Troops ready for deployment

My Objective holding Force

Melta Vets outflank and bring the hurt

1 Chimera down, 1 Weapon Destroyed.

Vets get what was coming to them.

The site of some (Ex) Terminators, Bane Wolf takes 3 and the Demolisher scores one.

The highlight of the game was certainly the Bane Wolf Chem Cannoning 3 Terminators to death and then the Risky demolisher shot on the last, 1 inch of scatter would have hit the Lord Commissar.

The Company Command Squad did manage to kill one in Hand to hand as well.

My ever awesome Ratlings broke and ran in turn 1, useless.

I also signed up for Moocon 4, it looks popular and I'll likely be on a waiting list but it's 1k points and I'll probably head down anyway to have a look in, even if I don't play.

Was thinking maybe a 55 Man Guard blob with 6 lascannons... and 7 special weapons.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Battle Reports coming soon.

So I've discovered a bit of Software called Vassal, its intended for playing tabletops online but You can also use it to make Old School style WD Bat Reps. You need to wedge in the 40k module which has been C&D'd by Games Workshop but it is findable.

Heres a preview of the report from my first game against Dave and his blood Angels.

It looks pretty good it's got a ton of Models in it, think I'll be adding some custom Explosion Icons and such for future reports

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Working with resin.

So I started work on the Forge World kits for the Vendettas, some of them needed a bit of bending on the cannons, they weren't quite straight.

The bits cleaned and quickly tac#d together to check, you can see the minor bend on a couple.
 So being a resourceful person, I grab our trusty and totally functioning kettle, sometimes the lid pops open when it's boiling, I think that's a feature...

Anyway, time to correct a bit of warping.

Fingers may get scalded.

I also stuck on the searchlights from the Vendetta kit, and gave them a lick of paint, I quite like the look of them, not sure how I'm going to paint them though, I guess that'll require a Google.
I also started work on a few troops to supplement my army list, to bring it up to two infantry platoons, this needed a Steel Legion Lieutenant (Junior Officer) a trooper and a Grenade Launcher, these were all acquired off eBay, stripped and primed:

Steel Legion PCS

This being the season of the Melta and not the age of 1 Heavy Weapon and 1 Special Weapon, more Meltas are needed, you can never have too many. Unfortunately being the owner of 2 types of Guardsmen, Valhallans and Steel Legion, I have to get the right models and these ones are some of the hardest to find, unless I'm willing to pay Games Workshop €12 for one and another trooper with a flamer in the same Blister.

Thankfully eBay once again provides, it's taken about a month of bidding, saved search emails and buying of models to acquire 3 of these chaps, 1 more is en route, from Canada, and still cheaper than GWs crazy prices and insane packaging, I mean, who wants to give a guardsman a flamer?

CCS Melta Vets
And here's every model that's getting painted at the moment, the Vendetta Cannons are in the background primed and awaiting some paint, also waiting on my magnets and a drill to actually get them all installed.

Everyone on the production line.