Thursday, 17 November 2011

Another night at WAC, another game

Tonight, Grey Knights, took a few shots with my Phone of some stuff.

Troops ready for deployment

My Objective holding Force

Melta Vets outflank and bring the hurt

1 Chimera down, 1 Weapon Destroyed.

Vets get what was coming to them.

The site of some (Ex) Terminators, Bane Wolf takes 3 and the Demolisher scores one.

The highlight of the game was certainly the Bane Wolf Chem Cannoning 3 Terminators to death and then the Risky demolisher shot on the last, 1 inch of scatter would have hit the Lord Commissar.

The Company Command Squad did manage to kill one in Hand to hand as well.

My ever awesome Ratlings broke and ran in turn 1, useless.

I also signed up for Moocon 4, it looks popular and I'll likely be on a waiting list but it's 1k points and I'll probably head down anyway to have a look in, even if I don't play.

Was thinking maybe a 55 Man Guard blob with 6 lascannons... and 7 special weapons.

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