Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pre gaming last minute modelling.

It always happens, you know your going to play tomorrow, got to get something done that you said you would.

So tonight I watched Sherlock, episode 2 of the excellent BBC drama. And did some flocking.

the Vets all got flocked and I decided to do some designation, behold Squad BLUE and the Vendetta for them:

Squad Blue

And again
It's only the 1 marking on the Vendetta.

These guys are just still squad GREEN, the 3rd squad will likely be red, when I get round to buying the models to make a 3rd.

Theres also the two CCS Melta chaps and the Steel Legion lieutenant, thinking of it now as I write, there are 2 Steel Legion troopers in my bag somewhere without any flock. Damm.

Squad Green and the Melta boys.
 I managed to also finish off Basing the Vendettas, I was quite proud of my Road basing, heres squad Blue standing on it.

They have roads in the 41st Millenium

After deploying.

Stay on the pavement, got to be safe

Both Flying bases together.

I feel it was a productive enough evening, who knows maybe I can get a win tomorrow, doubt it...

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