Monday, 21 November 2011

A Half Battle at Other Realms, fun all the same.

Just had most of a game in other realms, only had time for 3 turns each and my 4th, It was a fun game against Lukes Chaos Marines My tank line did the job and trashed a lot of his kit, he didn't have much mech and Plague Marines really are tough.

Some poor obliterator armour saves went my way, and his daemon prince took a lot of shots.

The Vendettas went on suicide drops but didn't get shot down, the guy really lacked ranged anti armour.

The star was the bane wolf, rolling out and taking out 10 marines in 1 turn, it was carefully deployed.

We ran out of time and it could have gone either way, with 10 chosen and 10 melta guns coming on in his next turn, that would have been down to the outflanking.

Hopefully next time we can persuade the store to open later, or get me snuck into the old tables at work, or create some terrain, might be a project for a weekend round their house, they have the space, will see.

The Tank Line


The Melta Assault