Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday morning Models.

So I got a nice win from eBay, from Canada, it even came with the classic blister back. The final Melta gunner, of the 4 needed.
Oh the memories. 

 I also finished stripping down the new batch of recruits, they came with a Melta too but that was prioritised, 17 Valhallans for the Army, 2 flamers, which I'll probably never use, a Lieutenant Mortar and Missile Launcher. There was also a Sergeant whos going to become Counts as Marbo and a Model I'd never seen before.
New Recruits

 It's a Running Valhallan trooper with some sort of re-breather, and I thought I'd got all the classic guard models.
A rebreather?

 And heres the Sergeant, counts as Marbo, I've given him a Moustache, the beard is on but I didn't photo it, he's going to be using a Tyranid claw as his poisoned blade and I'm putting together a belt loaded with grenades and Melta Bombs as his Demo charge, think I'll skip the pistol.

What a majestic Moustache.

 I also decided to put together the rocket pods for the planes, no magnets yet, I think they may be lost in warp transit somewhere, I'm chasing that up, but put them together anyway.

Rocket pods

Rocket pods 2
Going to have a game on Monday after work with some friends, might actually be able to make the list do something other than die a lot, or draw...

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