Sunday, 6 November 2011

Proposed Army List for Warpcon.

My current hope is to be able to actually compete at Warpcon so I need to have a list that will be as such.

At the moment I'm limited by my models, but that will change by January.

the list will be a Mech Focused Guard army relying on Swift assaults and heavy fire power to clear enemies off objectives without getting forced into CC.

The current Rough idea is:
CCC - 4 Meltas and Astropath + Officer of the Fleet.
Lord Commisar

3x Melta Vet Squads
3x Vendettas

3 Seperate Leman Russ
Battle Tank x2 and 1 Executioner

Mechanised Infantry Platoon
With Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team

In terms of Models I only lack the 1 extra Plane and another 3 meltas for the Vets, both of which will require a forgeworld.

I think it might be a bit Glass Cannon, but it should have 6 lots of scoring Squads and a Bunch of AV 12 to hide in.

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