Sunday, 13 November 2011

Working with resin.

So I started work on the Forge World kits for the Vendettas, some of them needed a bit of bending on the cannons, they weren't quite straight.

The bits cleaned and quickly tac#d together to check, you can see the minor bend on a couple.
 So being a resourceful person, I grab our trusty and totally functioning kettle, sometimes the lid pops open when it's boiling, I think that's a feature...

Anyway, time to correct a bit of warping.

Fingers may get scalded.

I also stuck on the searchlights from the Vendetta kit, and gave them a lick of paint, I quite like the look of them, not sure how I'm going to paint them though, I guess that'll require a Google.
I also started work on a few troops to supplement my army list, to bring it up to two infantry platoons, this needed a Steel Legion Lieutenant (Junior Officer) a trooper and a Grenade Launcher, these were all acquired off eBay, stripped and primed:

Steel Legion PCS

This being the season of the Melta and not the age of 1 Heavy Weapon and 1 Special Weapon, more Meltas are needed, you can never have too many. Unfortunately being the owner of 2 types of Guardsmen, Valhallans and Steel Legion, I have to get the right models and these ones are some of the hardest to find, unless I'm willing to pay Games Workshop €12 for one and another trooper with a flamer in the same Blister.

Thankfully eBay once again provides, it's taken about a month of bidding, saved search emails and buying of models to acquire 3 of these chaps, 1 more is en route, from Canada, and still cheaper than GWs crazy prices and insane packaging, I mean, who wants to give a guardsman a flamer?

CCS Melta Vets
And here's every model that's getting painted at the moment, the Vendetta Cannons are in the background primed and awaiting some paint, also waiting on my magnets and a drill to actually get them all installed.

Everyone on the production line.

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