Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sly Marbo, Meltas and other chaps.

Finished off a few things this morning, first up, two Melta Veterans for the CCS:

Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee

Also finished the rest of the Platoon Command Squad for the Steel Legion platoon:

Grenade Launcher

Next up is the counts as Marbo chap, I manage to finish off the "demolition charge", but being the resourceful chap that our man is, he's had to make do with a belt of grenades and such, I think they did this in a film where they get a belt of grenades and arm them all with 1 pin, pass.

"Demo Charge"
Marbo with his charge in mid throw, LOOK AT THAT TACHE!

I was looking at the desk and things to do, these chaps need some paint, some special weapons, 2 of them the Metal Cadians, 1 Karskin model, 2 plasma and 1 Melta, in theory they could be supplemented into my storm troopers and used as Vets or subbed into the Vet squads if I ever decide to run Plasma Vets, but I don't think that I'd like how they'd look out of place.

Need Paint. L-R: Plas, Plas, Melta

I also have a bunch of Valhallans that need to be primed, adding them in as potential reserve will be great, just in case I want to run a Power blob force with so many guardsmen the table groans under the sheer weight of that many metal models... plastics, pah.

Need priming
I also need to base my vets to get them where I want them to be, need to come up with some sort of identification markings to separate the squads, was thinking coloured shoulder pads or similar.

Need some flock/basing.

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