Sunday, 18 March 2012


My folks came over to visit recently and bought with them, on request, what they could find to bolster my Orks.

I ended up with a bunch of stuff, and decided to just photo most of it and stick it up.

GorkaMorka Nob

Some sort of Ltd Edition Chaos Sorc

An attack squiq, pretty sure this was from Warhammer Quest

GorkaMorka Meks, might be used as big Meks!

Cadian and Catachan Lieutenants

SQUATS! Including the ole 'Castro' commander


Old Stormboy Torsos

Valhallan Tank rider

A Mordheim gang

An Escher Heavy and two underhive scum.

Wreckingball, metal Yoof and Ram.

Trakks, Chaos Bikes and a grot

Chaos Marines, and Terminators, another trakk

Oblits and Chaos Termies

Multi Melta Marines, a Tech Marine, Metal Marine Vets, a trukk and a some boyz, an Ork Bike

Orks, well Blood Bowl Orks

Ork Blitzer.

Loads of great classic models mixed in with some nice useful bits to be getting along with. Next time I head home I'll be sure to pick more up.

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