Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warpcon Game 4 - Eldar

Spearhead deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the center of each table quarter and one in the center of the table.)
Secondary Objective: Annihilation  

Day 2 of Warpcon started a bit later than Day 1 and after having a bit of a rest I was ready to go.
Still smarting from my defeat yesterday I resolved to play tactically and try to grab a win. My opponent was playing Eldar, this certainly made a difference from the Power Armour that I’d faced so far.

The list, as far as I could remember was:
2 Fire Dragon Squads in Falcons
2 Squads Dire Avengers
2 Squads Guardians, with Starcannons
2 Fire Prisms
There might have been more infantry, not sure.

I won the roll and chose to deploy first. Due to the nature of the mission, there were a number of objectives that needed to be secured so I deployed giving my Chimeras good paths to reach the objectives as well as engage fast moving targets if necessary and usual Marbo and the Banewolf were in reserve.
The Eldar force opted to reserve completely.

Imperial Guard Turn 1: I move forward knowing that there’s nothing for me to do other than get into position.

Eldar Turn 1: Nothing Happens.

Home Quarter.

Imperial Guard Turn 2: I move forward again securing all objectives aside from the one in the Eldar table quarter.

Eldar Turn 2: One Falcon with Fire Dragons turns up as well as one Squad of Dire Avengers, the Falcon moves flat out up my left flank and the Dire Avengers walk on and run towards the objective.

Imperial Guard Turn 3: Marbo and the Banewolf turn up, I stick Marbo in cover next to the Dire Avengers and the Banewolf moves up to anchor my left flank. Marbo chucks his Demo Charge at the Dire Avengers and kills seven out of ten. Everything else that is in range and has line of sight shoots at the Falcon, destroying it and then reducing the Fire Dragons to 1 model. The Dire Avengers break and flee towards the edge of the table.

"Deployment" by turn 2 with objectives marked
Eldar Turn 3: The Dire Avengers flee off the Table. A trickle of Eldar forces move onto the Table, 1 Falcon with Fire Dragons, the Wraithlord. The Guardians with Eldrad and a Fire prism. The Eldar forces shoot at Marbo and manage to kill him. The lone Fire Dragon shoots at a Chimera and causes some damage but fails to destroy it.

Imperial Guard Turn 4: With some more Targets and objectives held by troops the main focus of the turn is shooting. The Lone Fire Dragon gets taken out, a Fire Prism also gets destroyed. The second Fire Dragon squad takes a lot of hits and the Manticores manage to get a triple rocket off on one squad of guardians causing many wounds and eliminating the squad. Eldrad also gets shot up and his squad soak most of the wounds. With the second Falcon having its rear armour exposed it takes a weapon destroyed result.

Eldar Turn 4: Another squad of Guardians turn up as does the Fire Prism with some Dire Avengers. The Fire Prism manages to blow a Chimera open that is sat on the main objective and a couple of guardsmen go down to the wraith lord. The vets sat on the furthest objective on the opposite table edge take a couple of wounds but do well making saves after getting pie plated.

Opponents Half objective

Imperial Guard Turn 5: There are plenty of targets available for shooting so there is a great fusillade of fire from all units, managing to take out Eldrad and what’s left of his squad. The 2nd Fire prism gets finished off as does the Falcon. There isn’t much left on the field for the Eldar at this point.

Eldar Turn 5: The Wraithlord gets confused without a Farseer and doesn’t do anything; the last squad of Guardians arrive from reserve and head for the objective. The remaining squad of Dire Avengers goes to hide in some woods. When shooting the Fire Prism scatters and misses hitting the Vets who are hiding.
We roll for another turn, and get one...

Left flank, Anchored

Imperial Guard Turn 6: I continue to shoot, taking out the Dire Avengers, Guardians and Fire Prism, leaving just the Wraithlord standing.

Eldar Turn 6: The Wraithlord attempts some shooting, fails to make an impact.
Game ends with an astounding victory for the Imperial Guard.

The only remaining Eldar model is the Wraithlord, I’m sure another round of shooting would have dealt with him too.

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