Thursday, 12 January 2012

An update, Long time coming.

With all the festive times going on I haven't really done much, now that Warpcon is 16 days away work needs to get done.

And loads needs doing:

  • Hydras (waiting on parts)
  • New Chimeras
  • Hull Heavy flamers for Old Chimeras (magnets)
  • Flamer troopers need painting
  • Heavy Bolter to Autocannon Conversions
  • Manticores!

So my order from Old Crow arrived, which means my list gets a shake up, Tactical missile Turrets!

Blu-tacced together
Now because I don't have that many Hulls I need to put one on a Leman Russ Hull. the other will go on a Chimera.
On a Chimera Hull
On a Leman Russ
Because I need to use a Russ Hull I have to remove the sponsons.
I got the main bodies of the chimeras assembled and did some testing with the sizes of the top of the hulls.

Completed Hull, will add radar on the white hatch.
To get another hull I needed to take my Basilisk apart, then I started to make the new base for mounting a Flak cannon or similar.

New Base
Rear fit
I need to get the plasticard textured so will probably try and spray and or drybrush over this netting, or glue it on. but that's pretty low priority.

I also went to magnetise a new Chimera turret, just in case Heavy Bolters make a comeback!

The plan is to magnetise all the hulls along with the Sponsons for Leman Russ, I have a lot of spare weaponry so this should be easy, once I work out the best way to go about it.

Flamer positioning.

Sponson ideas.
Weapon Selection

There'll be loads more updates in the coming days/weeks, as I work towards getting everything done in time, even after it's all assembled and tidied it'll have to be painted, I think it's going to be close.

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