Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Special Weapons and a whole Stack O' Tanks

So I went to do a bit more tonight, only just realised that I have so much to do before next Friday, it's going to be a struggle.

I have noticed that I do have a lot of Chimera Hulls now, hopefully this will be good.

I submitted my list Yesterday so the nits are set in stone and I need to do a fair few things, including 2 Melta Gunners and 2 Flamers.

Conversion time, GO!

Stack O Mech!

Magnetised hull (property of weetabix Ltd)

Flamer on
 I stuck the Manticore turret together and also assembled my Flak Cannons.

Flak Cannon
 Then I started working on my Special Weapons so I got a Valhallan and some Cadian Bits and got to work.

Flamer time!
Guy No 1 done.

No 2 Front

No 2 Back

No 2 Side
 I added in some innards of a Network cable to make the fuel feeds, I'm happy how these turned out.

For the Melta gunners I kinda called it in, take Lasguns then add Melta Ends, these were cut from the Multi Melta sponson weapons that were intended for my Leman Russ, I'm sure that they'll look good when painted.

Melta Gunners

Things to do...  Autocannon conversions x3 for my Heavy bolters, Undercoating and LOTS of painting.

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