Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Building for Warpcon

Got a bit done tonight, Magnetised the Chimer Turrets. As well as the Hull weapons, these will be interchangeable on sponsons for Leman Russes, if they ever become useful.

Chimera Turret, Multilaser
Flamer Options


Sponson style flamer

The normal Flamer

I also started to magnetise the Flak Cannons for installation

Magnetised Flak Cannon

 I glued the Missile for the Manticores, they'll get fully assembled tomorrow.

Missiles good to go

Here are my four APC style Chimeras which are nicely modular and can be made into Hydras/Manticores.

The Christmas Presents.

Mech Stacking, a very strong Technique, I have eight Chimera hulls now and three Leman Russ, plus the Banewolf and Vendettas. The Warpcon List will see 10 Tanks  2 Planes and a few dudes.

My Armour Pile

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