Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Haley3, Games 33 and 34.

So I've managed to play 2 games with Haley3 since her rules were spoiled at Lock and Load 2 weekends ago.
This is the list I've played:
Major Prime Victoria Haley
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
* Thorn
Tempest Blazers - Max
Storm Lances - Max
Stormblade Captain
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Trencher Infantry - Min
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Journeyman Warcaster
Gastone Crosse

It makes use of Tactical Supremacy on the Trenchers to create a cloud wall to hide all my support.
It has two great Revive targets in the form of the Storm Lances and Tempest Blazers and a bunch of boostable/accurate guns to clear out any jamming models or just bring damage in combination with Kiss from Aiyana.
Thorn's affinity with Haley makes Force Hammers very threatening from lots of different angles

Game 33/100
Haley3 Vs Calandra
Opponent: Pat Long
Scenario: Destruction
Pat's List:
Evolutionary Elementalism - T4
Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of the Glimmerwood
   - Trollkin Runebearer
* Pyre Troll
* Pyre Troll
* Pyre Troll
* Slag Troll
* Slag Troll
* Slag Troll
* Slag Troll
* Winter Troll
* Storm Troll
* Storm Troll
* Storm Troll
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes - Leader & 5 Grunts
   - Stone Scribe Elder

This game is going to be a tough grind but I am able to kiss and shoot down a Storm Troll early on and Storm Lance the another one to death along with a Pyre.

Those Blazers are all alive.

The Blazers flank wide to threaten the stone and Calandra and draw away a couple of beasts.
Top of 3 I am able to feat and slam a stone bearer over Calandra using Thorn and then put some serious damage into her from Past Haley and then prime does a bit more but she toughs, Blazers swing round to finish it off. Two revived Storm Lances were waiting in the wings if they failed.


Game 34/100
Haley3 Vs Harkevich
Opponent: Daniel Common
Scenario: Two Fronts
Dan's List:
Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf 
* Sylys Wyshnalyrr, the Seeker
* Victor
* Victor
Iron Fang Pikemen
  - Black Dragon Officer & Standard
Battle Mechaniks - Max
Koldun Lord
Iron Fang Kovnik

Dan is trying out another Spoiler list using the crazy range of both Victors AOE 5 cannon and Broadsides to maximum effect.
The Dig-Dug Trenchers only lose 1 guy to the turn 1 barrage and then I am able to keep the smoke wall in play and not give him any targets to drift towards.
The Blazers flank again to harass the support and they draw the BDIFP across to them, I keep throwing Storm Lances at the Colossals and tipping away damage whilst electro leaping Mechaniks when they come in to repair. At one point I get a Lane to Force Hammer Harkevich and kill Syls with the Collateral but manage a 9 on 4D6 so switch to reviving.

Everyone is hiding behind smoke

I manage to revive a total of 7 Lances over the course of the game and thanks to kiss, shooting and Lances I am able to remove one Victor and start to score on Scenario uncontested.The colossals have no targets for deviations due to smoke and I force them to spend focus hitting Storm Lances If they want to move.


Here are some random thoughts about the Haleys:
My initial thoughts on Haley3 is that she is very strong and will certainly slip into the top echelon of our casters in terms of competitiveness. 

I do see her as a Warmachine rather than Hordes drop as they tend to have more RFP and also transfers make single high POW shot assassinations unlikely, although Knock Down really does enable this list to get some good shots in. 

Chain Reviving Storm Lances further up the field is very fun and means you can open up some great angles to get charges off although formation and spell casting could be an issue if you're not careful when holding one back as you want the leader to be up there to enable attacks. 

The fact that future and past are incorporeal also means that they are very hard to remove for a lot of factions. 

Repudiate seems awesome into Cryx as does Chain Blast with Raw Talent, on average the blast damage will kill Bane Thralls. 

Temporal Flux can make hitting things a real headache for factions that struggle with accuracy, this protects Thorn well and Pushes Lances up to DEF14 there's also the option for a DEF12 Stormwall! (Everyone knows Scytheans can never hit Boosted 6s) 

Raw Talent with Past's POW 10 Reach weapon and Flux means she's basically a MAT8 Weapon Master with 5 attacks, 7 under feat. 

A True Sight Magical Gun from Future that is a boostable POW 13 ROF 3 will also be a great option for killing off annoying solos or stealthy models. 

Tactical Supremacy Trenchers with their smoke wall are very good, the issue lies with positioning them for things to charge out the turn afterwards but that will come with practise.

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