Friday, 23 November 2012

A straw house with wolves at the door. They'll Huff and Puff.

It's been a while since I've updated anything. I've been lazy also playing Warmachine and by generally not been building many models.

Now 6th Ed is in full swing things are hotting up. And I am now trying to get my stuff together for Warpcon 2013.

My three 6th Ed tourneys have been rough.

One (Moocon 7) was a 6 Leman Russ list that did okay, I had a lot of pie plates. I was doing great until Deamons (Donal Caroll) in the final round (table 3), they are bent.

All the Leman Russ!

 The second (Gaelcon, one hell of a 4 day weekend) was a Guard blob with Ork Bikers,  that did well too, until the final round (table 3) oh and did I mention it was Deamons and played by Donal and yes, bent.

Bikes n' Boyz

The 3rd (Moocon 8) was basically my 5th Ed list. And it turns out Mech,  doesn't work... It wasn't Deamons this time I just got done, Necrons hard counter AV 12.

Mech looks great, but it isn't 

The things that I have noticed from Gaelcon and games against others in 6th Ed is that:

  • 6th Ed is about scoring, you need to be able to take and hold objectives quickly and reliably.
  • Armour is a lot weaker, glances will kill you.
  • Strength 6/7 is now king, you can glance and glance and glance with all the guns and the armour is gone.
  • First Blood is currently so heavily weighted that getting it can near guarantee you a win on secondary.
  • Blobs are back, infantry is once again a force that is what you need and from a purely Guard perspective it hits a lot of these points.

Infantry blobs are:

  • Scoring
  • Str 7-9  Autocannons/Lascannons
  • Hard to kill in a turn (first blood)
  • Not armour

Now what do they lack? Melee strength?  That can be overcome by volume of hits.

Shooting ability? This can be augmented by including Autocannons and something 6th Ed has brought to the fore, psykers, most specifically allied ones.

Which brings me on to what this is all about, the inclusion of pets, allies, puppies. Space Wolves.

The divination powers are perfect to bolster what is statically average guardsmen and make them better. Who has divination? Rune Priests,  2 of them at 100pts each.

Lacking an assault unit? Have some Grey Hunters.

I'm going to hopefully exploring this alliance over the coming weeks as well as talking about a fair few other things. My 40K passion is back with a vengeance and I want to get stuff done and who knows, maybe win something aside from best painted although I think those were prizes for "painted" not necessarily "best".

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