Friday, 7 August 2015

She's here! Games 45 & 46

A couple more games in the bag, for both of them the Haley2 model was being repainted so Haley1 kindly stood in.

Game 45/100
Haley2 Vs Haley3
Opponent: Pat Dunford
Scenario: Incursion
Pat's List:
Major Prime Victoria Haley
* Squire
* Charger
Storm Lances
Tempest Blazers
Trencher Infantry
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team
Alexia Ciannor & the Risen & Thrall Warrior
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
Stormblade Captain
Journeyman Warcaster

Pat asked to play the Haley3 into Haley2 matchup to see how it goes.

The smoke wall really effectively stopped my Alpha and I ended up getting stuck in a grind against an amazing attrition caster who can also revive things and generally attrition well, Alexia1 really helps with this!

Pat under feat

After Alpha
Mopping up
 One highlight was Harlan Versh taking out Granny Haley.

I was able to get a trampled Stormclad onto Haley Prime but she was DEF 19 with Flux and Dirge I managed to land one hit but didn't have the focus to follow up.
Then I got killed.


My next game was against Bradgius as I need some practise for the WTC, Phil kindly agreed to bring him along, although he forgot the model so Morv2 is standing in.

Game 46/100
Haley2 Vs Bradigus
Opponent: Phil Doogan
Scenario: Recon
Phil's List:
THEME: Wold War - Tier 4
Bradigus Thorle the Runecarver
* Woldwarden 
* Woldwarden
* Woldwatcher 
* Woldwatcher 
* Woldwatcher 
* Woldwatcher 
* Woldwatcher 
* Woldwatcher 
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Sentry Stone & Mannikins
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones

I unpacked the army aware of the shooting and feat threat from the AD'd Wolds, the Nyss were interspersed amongst the army. AD went onto the Lances and I put Decel up, just in case.

Phil unpacked with his Mannikins and Wolds behind/in the forest wall and also threw out a couple of rifts via Geomancy in an attempt to slow me down.

I moved the Nyss up and shot down the Mannikins, Haley loaded the Stormclad up, TA'd it, feated and it trampled off to engage some Wolds and try and kill one, he crippled it but didn't kill.
The rest of the army jostled for position and got ready to assault in next turn.

Enaging and feat
Under feat Phil pushed his Wolds up into my line, I'd made an error of having the Storm Lance leader up front and it meant they had to be further forward than needed so he was able to engage a couple more models than he should have been able to. He tried a couple of rifts, going for Anastasia and Gorman but failed to kill either of them.

Alpha ready to go!
After that turn I was able to load up the Stormclad again and then able to get Anastasia to trigger on Bradigus I pulled back the Engaged Storm Lances, made a couple of attacks with the Blades and repositioned for the Charges and activations.
I then did my Charges with the Stormdudes and swung with the Stormclad and was able to leave 3 lights, one crippled, and one Woldwarden left alive. Haley ran off to the far corner to be as safe as possible.
Dead Wolds
Phil came back and was able to kill Gorman, the Stormclad, and a couple of the Stormblades, Bradigus having to do some work and help build the Synergy chain.

Harlan stepped up and did a few points of damage to Bradigus who was only camping 3 or 4, forcing a transfer, unfortunately he missed his 3rd attack. The Nyss and SBC cleared up anything jamming the remaining Stormlances and blades. Then I Deadeye'd the Lances and switched Arcane Shield onto Haley, just in case. The Stormblades charged Bradigus and did a little bit of damage then the Lances went in and put him into the dirt. Had this not worked Anastasia was ready to espionage and get a bunch more attacks onto him including SBC.

Bradi(vhana) gets deaded

Overall I'm happy with how the game played out, Anastasia and Gorman living was huge and something that really helped swing it.

In Painting news I finished redoing my Haley2 and I'm happy how she turned out.

 I also finished a batch of trenches for tables for the WTC, I did a couple of snowy ones as well.

And finally, Haley3 actually arrived, I put them together its a beautiful sculpt. I will be painting them asap, and hopefully playing her soon enough.

New Toys!


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