Monday, 12 August 2013

NWG Series, Part Three - Board Building

So here we are for part three of the NWG Series I'm going to show you the WIP display board that I'm building for the army.

Last week I put up the list and details of the models that I needed to get sorted. I have now managed to get all of the toys built and equipped with all the appropriate wargear, I'll detail this in a later post, for now it's the board.

As you may have seen from part 1, I had some scrawled ideas of what the board would look like.

The original plan.
As you can see I wanted to get all the squads in front of the pods being addressed by the Librarians. The usual board size is around 2" x 2". I got some MDF cut and had some expanded polystyrene lying around.

I started by assembling the wooden base.

The base
 I test fitted the polystyrene and then trimmed it to fit in snugly.

Polystrene test fit
I then used my specially crafted foamboard template to measure out the spacing of the pods on the polystyrene.
Foamboard sizer.

Measuring the spacing for the pods
 I then got all the toys together and made sure I could fit them all on with sufficient space.

Planning out the troop layout
After drawing out the shapes I then went at it with a hot wire cutter.

Cutting out the edges

Cutting out the pod holes

Some progress
 Once everything was cut out I fitted it into the wooden base.

Polystyrene nested in the frame
The next step is to texture the board with some pre formed plasticard that I have lying about and get the rest of it painted up all nice looking.

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