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Astronomicon – 1850 5th Edition Team Tournament.

Astronomicon – 1850 5th Edition Team Tournament.

This weekend I had the Pleasure/Misfortune to attended a tournament at UCC, it was going to be the final game(s) of 5th Edition that I played and the 2nd real outing for the Orks.

The tourney was designed to give a feel for the European Team Championship (ETC) style, this meant that there were teams, each with 4 players and each player with a different army. I was paired up with Darren (Grey Knights), Alan (Space Wolves) and Steve (Imperial Guard) on the unstoppable Team Sellout.

There were 6 teams attending, giving us the chance to play 5 games over the two days, this is the story of those games.

I was playing possibly the least take all comers competitive list in the tourney so this was going to be a challenge regardless; the list was a Speed Freaks themed list:
HQ Warboss, Power Klaw, Cybork, Bike

HQ Big Mek, KFF

EL 8 Lootas

EL 3 Meganobz, 1 Shoota/Skorcha
DT Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

TR 12 Boyz, Nob w/Power Klaw +Bosspole
DT Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

TR 12 Boyz, Nob w/Power Klaw +Bosspole
DT Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

TR 12 Boyz, Nob w/Power Klaw +Bosspole
DT Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

TR 12 Boyz, Nob w/Power Klaw +Bosspole
DT Trukk, Red Paint Job, Reinforced Ram

TR 10 Grots + Runtherd
TR 8 Nobz on Bikes
Nob1 | Nob2 Power Klaw |Nob3 Power Klaw + Boss Pole | Nob4 Power Klaw + Ammo Runt | Nob5 Power Klaw + Waagh Banner | Nob6 Big Choppa | Nob7 Shoota/Skorcha | Painboy
FA 3 Warbuggies w/ TL Rokkits

1846 points total.

As you can see there isn’t much special about the list. The Nob bikers and the Warboss are the main strength. My first game was against Ryan McMullan, from Team Takeover and his Loganwing Space wolves, here’s the list:

Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest: Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf, Wolf Tail Talisman
Wolf Priest: Saga of the Hunter, Wolf Tail Talisman

5 Wolf Scouts + Meltagun
Lone Wolf: Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Storm Shield, 1x Fenrisian Wolf

10 Wolf Guard
TerminatorCyclone Chainfist

5 Wolf Guard
Terminator,Cyclone Missile Launcher

5 Wolf Guard
Terminator,Cyclone Missile Launcher

5 Wolf Guard
Terminator,Cyclone Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
6 Long Fangs, 5x Missile Launchers

6 Long Fangs, 5x Missile Launchers

The Mission was Dawn of War with Seize Ground and Capture and Control

I got turn 1 so I deployed my Grots the Warboss and the Nob Bikers initially. The grots were sat on the objective in my bottom Right hand corner and the Bikers were in the centre of the field hiding behind some ruins. Ryan opted to wander on in turn 1, Wolf scouts in reserve, he then decided to seize…

Space Wolves Turn 1
The army trundled on from the Table edge and started moving forward, a couple of cyclone missiles managed to take out 1 biker but other than that not a lot happened.

Ork Turn 1
The Trukks rolled in just right of the centre with the Warbuggies sweeping round to left. The Lootas moved on into a forest and Ran to get into position.

Space Wolves Turn 2
The main body of Logan and Co continued to advance up the centre field as did the Lone Wolf and a squad which were on the right of the field (from my view). The Scouts chose to turn up and opted to appear right next to the grots cowering on the objective. I lost another 2 Bikes to a bit of Jaws and Missiles that were heading my way. The scouts shot up the grots and then charged them, the grots managed to kill two scouts before getting smushed.

Ork Turn 2
The Bikes and 4 of the Trukks headed towards the Logan pile whilst one Trukk headed back towards the scouts and the objective, the buggies continued up the left flank. The Boyz hopped out and got ready to dive on in, not before the Lootas took some shots at the group. Then the Boyz in True Orky style piled on in! The combat unfortunately didn’t go very well but they managed to whittle down the squad but did lose a lot of wounds and this resulted in the Meganobz and 2 squads of Boyz getting destroyed with the Bikers fleeing with no chance to rally. I did manage to kill 7 enemy models and 1 squad of Boyz was locked in with the Lone wolf. The Wolf scouts died to the Boyz who avenged the grots!

Space Wolves Turn 3
The Marines continued to advance and fire, taking out the buggies and 1 Trukk, things were looking grim. The Boyz managed to kill the lone wolf but then got finished off by Logan.

Ork Turn 3
The Trukks retreated and tried to pop off some shots at the remainder of the wolf guard but didn’t really make a dent, same for the Lootas. The Bikers and Boss continued to fall back and then proceeded to run off the board!

Space Wolves Turn 4
The shooting and advance continued, killing off the Lootas and making them flee, the Trukks took more hits and the Big Mek had to bail out.

Ork Turn 4
The Mek retreated into cover and the Boyz in the ruin tried to hide, the last 2 Trukks took some pot shots but to no avail, 1 attempted to tank shock some long fangs off the table, but failed.

Space Wolves Turn 5
The Big Mek and Tank Shock Trukk bite the dust.

Ork Turn 5
The few remaining Boyz in the ruins keep hiding, not much else to do really.

Game Ends.
End result, Primary: Loss, Secondary: Loss, I just about managed to scrape enough points to get 1 BP out of the VPs.

It was going to be tough dealing with the Str 8 Rockets as well as Jaws, it was a swift game and I had a lot of fun, unfortunately I had to weather 2 rounds of shooting before the charge instead of the 1.

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