Saturday, 7 July 2012

Waaagh Badruk, motorised edition.

It's been a long time since I've updated, I've been pretty busy putting together what will be my last 5th Ed Ork list and getting that up and running.

I got my 6th edition Book and it's assorted paraphernalia, yeah I got myself a GW manbag...
I#m slowly digesting all the rules and trying to work out what's good and bad for my Waaagh and the Imperials. I might be running an infantry heavy list for the guard, will see.

The main thing that's been in production is my Nob Bikers and Warboss on Bike, the Kult of speed is my theme and I'm sticking with a nicely mobile force.

And here is the big man himself, he'll probably be Wazdakka in 6th Ed if I go with the Biker army I'm planning, you can't argue with 4+ cover and armour saves....hmmm Full Biker army with Wazdakka and Grotsnik Cybork and cover saves all round!

Boss Badruk on iz Bike!

Boss Badruk on iz Bike!

Boss Badruk on iz Bike!

I finished the Mega Nobz for one of my Trukks - Da Manz Missile!

Da Nobz is ded 'Ard

I also have the Other trukks ready to go, along with the buggies (trakks) which are fire support.


Fire Support

Of course the Bikes are done, just waiting for the Nobz to be sorted to ride them.


And no Waaagh would be complete without a Huge pile of Boyz!

Waaagh inna Box!

I hope to keep updating the blog a bit more, it's hard to remember to photo everything and then upload it.

I have a load of pictures of five 1000pt Highlander games with the Orks, including an excellent Orky Melee
Ork Melee!

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