Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Astronomicon – 1850 5th Edition Team Tournament Game 5

Game 5 was against Robs Guard, here’s the list:

Company Command Squad, meltagun x4
Company Command Squad, meltagun x4

Psyker Battle Squad, psykers x8

Infantry platoon (170)
Platoon Command Squad, flamers x4
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Veteran Squad, meltagun x3
Veteran Squad, meltagun x3 

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship
Vendetta Gunship
Vendetta Gunship 

Heavy Support
Hydra Flak Tank Battery, Hydra x 2

Chimera, multi-laser, heavy flamer
Chimera, multi-laser, heavy flamer
Chimera, multi-laser, heavy flamer
Chimera, multi-laser, heavy flamer
Chimera, multi-laser, heavy flamer

Pitched Battle Deployment, Primary was Cleanse, secondary Annihilation.

I got first turn and opted to take it. I deployed with the Lootas in the centre and the grots on the far right holding that quarter. The Bikers went on the left hand side of the centre with the Trukks on the right, the Buggies flanking to the far right.

Rob deployed in a long gun line with the Manticores and Hydras on the right, Chimeras in the Centre and 2 Vendettas on my left, the other one on the right. The guardsmen deployed behind.

Ork Turn 1
The Bikers shot forward as did the Trukks. The Lootas failed to make a dent in the Shooting as did the Buggies.

Imperial Guard Turn 1
Two chimeras attempted to move and managed to immobilize themselves. Another two moved up. Everything opened up on the Bikers, they took a lot of hits, and enough of them go through, then the Psykers made them Ld 1, they fled. This thankfully meant that everything else lived through the turn unscathed.

Ork Turn 2
The Bikes continued to flee off the table, with no chance of Rallying. The Trukks hit the Guard line and all the Boyz bailed out ready to engage. The Lootas managed to wreck one of the Vendettas forcing the squad inside to bail out. The Assaulting Boyz managed to Kill: 2 Hydras, 2 Chimeras and 2 Squads of Guardsmen in combat.

Imperial Guard Turn 2
The chimeras pivoted to line up the flamers, and the squad of Guardsmen with flamers jumped out of the right Vendetta. The Following firestorm saw 2 Mobs of boys break or die. The Meganobz lost 2 and the other 2 squads were diminished.

Ork Turn 3
The MegaNob headed towards the guardsmen behind the chimera and the last squad of Boyz assaulted a Chimera. The Trukks Lootas and Buggies attempted some shooting but failed to make an impact.

Imperial Guard Turn 3
Marbo turns up right next to the grots and the remaining units move into position to continue to flame. I take a more casualties and the rest of the Boyz break, all I’m left with is the Grots, Lootas, a Big Mek and a couple of Trukks.

Ork Turn 4
Shooting is ineffectual from all my units and I await my doom.

Imperial Guard Turn 4
Marbo explodes the Grots, the Boyz that are falling back get shot to bits. Another couple of Trukks die, the Meks Trukk gets immobilized. A Manticore manages to immobilize itself on terrain, the Lootas get shot up and break, running off the table.

Ork Turn 5
The Big Mek removes the immobilized result.

Imperial Guard Turn 5
The final round of shooting an maneuvering sees the Big Mek just survive whilst everything else is cleaned up.

Game Ends
Primary: Loss, Secondary: Loss. I managed to get enough points for 1 BP.

It was going so well until Flamers… Losing the Bikers was harsh but was likely to happen anyway. It was a tough matchup but a great game.

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