Monday, 2 April 2012

MooFool Game 1 – Orks

The first game of the Tourney and I was ready to go, maybe a bit drunk still from the previous night, but I was certainly pretty tired but up for it!

Game Details
Pitched Battle deployment
Primary Objective: Seize Ground (5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the centre of each table quarter and one in the centre of the table.)
Secondary Objective: Annihilation: For this mission both players starts with 3 Battle points each. For every killpoint more than his opponent a player has at the end of the game, the player adds one BP, and his opponent subtracts one BP, up to a maximum of +3 / -3 BPs.

The list of my erstwhile opponent ( Anthony) looked a bit like this:
Disclaimer, this might not be 100% right.

Warboss on Bike, Power Klaw

Big Mek with KFF

5 Nobz and a Painboy on Bikes, with wound shenanigan diversification including two Klaws.

18 Shoota Boyz 1w/ Big Shoota, Nob with PK and Bosspole
18 Shoota Boyz 1w/ Big Shoota, Nob with PK and Bosspole
18 Shoota Boyz 1w/ Big Shoota, Nob with PK and Bosspole

Battlewagon with Deff Rolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint Job, Armor Plates, Stikkbomb Launcher and Grot Riggers
Battlewagon with Deff Rolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint Job, Armor Plates, Stikkbomb Launcher and Grot Riggers
Battlewagon with Deff Rolla, 2 Big Shootas, Red Paint Job, Armor Plates, Stikkbomb Launcher and Grot Riggers

8 Lootas
8 Lootas

I won the Roll off and opted for first turn and deployment. As always Marbo and the Banewolf went into reserve. I hid the Manticores behind a Building with the Hydras and Lascannons on the Same Flank. The Melta Vets and CCS Sat in front of the Hydras, ready to move out if required but also leaving the CCS in place to issue orders to the HWTs. The Autocannon team held the centre in some cover with a good field of fire. The far right saw the Infantry squad with Autocannon forming a conga line out to the objective with the mounted squad just right of the central terrain.The two Vendettas deployed in the middle area of the table for turbo boosts and the Scout saves, should I be seized.

Right Side
Left Side
The Orks deployed opposite me, with three wagons spaced out for KFF coverage, the Lootas were in cover, and the Bikers in between two of the Wagons with the Boss behind.

Ork Deployment

Turn 1 – Imperial Guard
Scout Move: I boosted one Vendetta to the left to join the rest of my flank, the other went right to get some angles on the Battlewagon sides.

My first turn didn’t really require any repositioning and I opened up with my firepower. A few Lootas died to mixed small fire. They key firing came from the Manticores, after some lucky rolls including a Hit on the scatter and some triple cluster missiles the Bikers were looking at a quantity of wounds. With the weapon being Strength 10, any failed saves were death for the bikers. They had just the 4+ save from the passive smoke cloud, I had managed to inflict at least two wounds on each member of the squad and Warboss. The end result was excellent, with only 3 of the bikers remaining on the field.

The resulting Leadership test, even with a Bosspole Reroll wasn’t sufficient and the bikes promptly fled off the board.

Turn 1 – Orks
All three of the Battlewagons rolled forward. The Lootas opened up and managed to immobilize my Right Vendetta. They other squad fired off some shots but failed to make any real impact.

Turn 2 – Imperial Guard
Once again I was static and decided that I would continue to shoot, I managed to immobilize two of the Battlewagons and shake another. I killed 6 of the Lootas on the left, the Lootas on the right survived unscathed.

Turn 2 – Orks
The battlewagons, immobile, attempted repairs, the Shaken Wagon rolled forward. The Lootas continued to shoot, managing to Wreck the Chimera of a squad of Vets and take out the Lascannon team.

Turn 3 – Imperial Guard
Marbo and the Banewolf show up. Marbo pops up in cover just next to the KFF Wagon. The Banewolf Rolls on heading directly towards the Wagons. The Vets disembark from the ruined Chimera and head into cover. Shooting results in one Battlewagon exploding, causing a few casualties. Marbo takes this opportunity to chuck a demo charge into the recently disembarked Orks which whiffs badly, but the Manticore manages to pick up a chunk of the boyz and other shooting sees the mob whittled down to 6. The Lootas on the right take some Damage, enough to make them break, they go a huge distance and end up very close to the table edge.

Dice show a BW Crater

Turn 3 – Orks
The Broken Lootas decide that they want to live to fight another day and flee. The Big Mek scarpers into the nearby wagon which unleashes a volley of shootas (big and small) into the Vets, they survive the firestorm. The six Orks head towards the Bane Wolf, ready to cause some pain. The immobilized wagon at the back has the riggers come through for it and starts working again, but can’t move that turn. The mob of 6 Orks charge into the Banewolf, they manage to immobilize and shake it.

Turn 4 – Imperial Guard
Marbo heads towards the Orks next to the Bane wolf, the troops squad in the Chimera head for the central objective to claim it. The Vets hit the Battlewagon with full Melta power, making it explode, the Boyz inside take a few casualties from this, the Manticores then have a go, wiping out the squad. The Wagon to the rear gets wrecked by the Lascannons on the Vendetta and the boyz pile out, the second Manticore makes short work of most of them. Marbo charges into the Nob who is engaged with the Banewolf and puts him down.

Just before Marbo goes in!

Turn 4 – Orks
The big Mek waddles towards the Vendetta whilst the last squad of boyz attempt to get away from the stricken wagon. In combat the Mek fails to hurt the Vendetta.

Turn 5 – Imperial Guard
The Big Mek takes a few Meltas to the Face and the Hydras/Multi Lasers and Vendettas finish off the remaining boyz.

Turn 5 – Orks
With no greenskins on the board the game ends.

Objective held all game.

Victory to the Imperial guard!

Having no opposition I win the primary, I also killed all his army and took few casualties so I win the secondary, my Battle points also give me a full tabling resulting in a 20-0.
Overall the game was won for me with my Alpha strike, the death and fleeing of the bikes put me in such a strong position early on, especially with no Warboss and pesky Klaws. The immobilize results on the battlewagons were great too, I didn’t end up feeling the pointy end of any Deff Rollas.

The only problem being with a full tabling and a 20-0 in the first round, I end up on table 2 for the next game, meaning I’ll be meeting someone who also went 20-0. That someone happened to be Merv with his “Tranny Marines” Sisters of Battle, more on that in a day or two.

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