Sunday, 8 April 2012

Small Ork Update.

The last three games are currently on hold, I'm trying to write them up but it does take some time.

I went out the local Game Store this weekend to have a quick glance at the new paint range, and pick up some Ork coloured paints.

I saw that they had a few of the Troop n Transport bundles that were limited edition as far as I know, a whole €10 saving on the Boyz boxes and the Trukk, they both give some much needed bitz for converting and another 11 Ork bodies.

Boyz n Trukk
Using the Loota and Burna box you can make 4 Lootas or 4 Burnas, providing you can get four more bodies you can make both, so I picked up a box of them too.


I assembled 1 Deffkopta as well as the Lifta Droppa for the Battlewagon and a Power Klaw nob for the Pirate Boyz.

I'm going to have 1 squad of Pirates and 1 of Sombrero Boyz to start with.

PK Pirate Nob

Lifta Droppa

Lifta Droppa

Lifta Droppa

Lifta Droppa

The overall work area is now fully Orky and things are in full swing:

The Workstation

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