Wednesday, 11 April 2012

MooFool Game 3 – Space Wolves

After a crushing defeat in game two by the Sisters of Battle I went into a game against Space Wolves slightly apprehensive.

Game Details:
Spearhead deployment: place a marker in the centre of the board for the duration of the game
Primary Objective: CLEANSE: - capture the most quarters.
--- To capture a quarter a scoring unit (p90) is worth 2 Control Points, a non-scoring unit is worth 1 CP ,and dedicated transports 0.The player that has most control points in a quarter at the end of the game controls that quarter.
--- A unit must be entirely within a quarter to capture it.
Secondary Objective: Annihilation: For this mission both players starts with 3 Battle points each. For every killpoint more than his opponent a player has at the end of the game, the player adds one BP, and his opponent subtracts one BP, up to a maximum of +3 / -3 BPs.

Unfortunately this being game 3 of day one I was pretty tired and mainly thinking about not getting smashed senseless so the photos are really lacking, this also means that what happened each turn might not be precise.

The game was against Luke who was most charming. His list on the Other hand wasn’t, it contained (something like):
Logan Grimnar
Rune Priest
Lone wolf with Terminator Armor
Lone wolf with Terminator Armor
Wolf Scouts with Melta
Long Fangs with 5 Missile Launchers
Long Fangs with 5 Missile Launchers
Long Fangs with 3 Missile Launchers, 2 Lascannons
Some Wolf Guard with a mix of Bits, including 4 Terminators with Cyclone launchers.
3 Packs of Grey Hunters, could have been four.

We rolled for first turn, I won the roll and opted to deploy first.

Due to the nature of the mission, holding the centre would mean the ability to nip into any quarter towards the end to claim it for my own.


I opted to use the central hill to anchor my attack and provide cover for my Troop laden chimeras. I lined my Artillery up on the Right flank to block any Wolfy Scouty nonsense and used the infantry Squad to hold the back line from outflankers. The Heavy Weapons teams deployed in cover up high to have good line of sight, the Vendettas sat out in the open ready to open fire. Marbo and the Banewolf were in reserve.

Holding the table edge

Luke deployed with a big pile of Long Fangs in cover as well as some of the Wolf Guard. The cyclone Terminators were scattered amongst the squads. A Big Scary squad of Terminators and Logan was deployed near the centre in cover. The two Lone Wolves were on his furthest short flank.

So many Missiles!

In almost every turn the Manticores and Hydras killed a Marine or two but I can’t remember very well and I wasn’t taking many pictures/notes so imagine that happening too!

Turn 1 – Imperial Guard
I don’t really do anything this turn but shoot, I shoot as much as I can at what I can, trying to whittle down some Long Fangs, I manage to bag a few but nothing amazing.

Turn 1 – Space Wolves
The Big Squad of mean terminators and stuff meanders through the central ruins to my quarter. The two lone wolves advance to the centre as well. Shooting results in a Barrage of missiles coming my way, 1 Vendetta takes some punishment but manages to survive, stunned and weapon destroyed... One of the Chimeras also takes a bit of damage and explodes disgorging the troops inside.

Turn 2 – Imperial Guard
I remain fairly static and continue to shoot, taking out a few more Long Fangs and a space wolf here and there, nothing really monumental.

Turn 2 – Space Wolves
The Lone Wolves and Big mean Death squad move further towards me, albeit through cover and not at the fastest pace, Logan joins them. Shooting sees a Vendetta go to pieces and the PCS Chimera get popped, the Chaps disembark behind the hull.

Turn 3 – Imperial Guard
Marbo arrives near the death star and prepares to do death! The Banewolf also arrives and I roll it straight towards the wolves centrally. The PCS run towards my long table edge trying to get behind the downed Vendetta and secure my rear line from Wolf scouts and maybe get into another quarter. Marbo throws his demo charge and manages to pick off a couple of wolves, the rest of my shooting sees me whittle away more wolves but with all the leadership etc I’m unable to make them break.

Turn 3 – Space Wolves
The Lone wolves are almost upon me but not quite close enough, The big pack is still moving through the middle towards me. Shooting sees more impacts on some vehicles and heavy Weapons teams, the PCS Chimera gets popped and the chaps hop out. The Banewolf meets a sticky end not getting very far.

Turn 4 – Imperial Guard
The PCS move a bit further down the long table edge behind some cover. The Infantry squad try and retreat away from the Lone Wolves. Marbo opens up with his Pistol then charges on into the Death squad with Logan, in the ensuing combat both of them lay into each other resulting in a death for each of them, Marbo did good!

Turn 4 – Space Wolves
The Wolf scouts arrive and come on my long table edge, facing off against the PCS. The Lone Wolves get within assault Range of the closest infantry. The shooting sees another Vendetta go down and the Scouts kills a couple of the PCS before charging in, the PCS gets wiped out and the scouts consolidate into my terrain. The Lone wolves kill the guardsmen and continue to stomp into my quarter.

Scouts scooting on

Turn 5 – Imperial Guard
I position the Chimeras to claim the Top right hand corner and use their Meltas etc to take care of the Lone Wolves. Everything else takes care of the scouts who refused to die after taking a stupid amount of shots, including Manticore heavy bolters, but eventually they go down.

Not all that much left.

Turn 5 – Space Wolves
Theres a bit more shooting and posturing but nothing much happens apart from the death of the CCS.

We roll for another turn and the game ends.

Game was a Draw on the Primary but I lost the Secondary, Damm Killpoints, bane of my life, especially against small Unit Marine Armies

Final Turn

Overall I was happy with my shooting and how much stuff I actually managed to take out, I really should have played had for the objectives and opted for Reserve + Deep striking/Outflanking to try and win the primary with sheer weight of Numbers, a Troops choice was +2 other units were +1, which was greatly in my favour with my list.
I do think I really should thank Luke for the game, he was a real gentleman and a pleasure to play against.

Sorry for the poor report and lack of detail, but by game 3 on day 1 you are usually dying as it is, never mind having a few hours sleep and being hungry.

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  1. Really great game - had loads of fun and enjoyed the relaxed spirit it was played in. Marbo = legend, just like my Wolf Scout sergant taking almost the entire armies firepower to take him down!