Tuesday, 3 April 2012

MooFool Game 2 – Sisters of Battle

After my most excellent 20-0 in the first game I knew that whoever I was up against was going to be a challenge, I was surprised to be facing Sisters of Battle, an army without an actual full codex, just a bunch of WD articles and the most broken character in the entire game, apparently…

Game Details
Dawn of War deployment
Primary Objective: Capture and Control
Secondary Objective: Seize Ground: (4 Counters)
Each player will place 2 counters, one for Seize Ground and a second for Capture and Control which will also count towards the Seize Ground objectives
First, dice-off to place a single counter each that will count for 'Seize Ground'. Second, proceed to dice-off for Deployment, then place the 'Capture & Control’ as usual but more than 12 inches from the other objectives.

The Sisters list looked like this:
Saint Celestine
Uriah Jacob
10 Sisters with Melta and Multi Melta in Rhino
10 Sisters with Melta and Multi Melta in Rhino
10 Sisters with Melta and Multi Melta in Rhino
10 Sisters with Melta and Multi Melta in Rhino
1 Squad of Henchmen/Minions with some Assassins and other bits and pieces.
2 Exorcists
5 Devastators with 4 Heavy Bolters
5 Fast Attack Sisters with 4 Meltas in Rhino
5 Fast Attack Sisters with 4 Meltas in Rhino
5 Fast Attack Sisters with 4 Meltas in Rhino

Objectives were placed for each of us, I opted to have mine in the Bottom Left corner, within 12” of each other.

The Sisters objectives were placed in the Centre (Secondary ) and in the top right (primary). The mission was an odd one with the Primary being the two but the secondary being a total of four objectives.

We rolled for first turn/deployment, I was forced to go 2nd. With it being dawn of war the Sisters deployed Celestine in the central Building with two Rhinos full of sisters hidden behind this building, holding the one objective. The 3 Fast Attacks, Henchmen (with Jacob) , Exorcists and 1 squad of troops in a Rhino was in reserve.

I deployed with my full Infantry Platoon, including the HWTs on the Objective, flanked by the CCS on the left and the PCS on the right in Chimeras, along with the mechanized squad. A squad of Vets deploy behind a hill on the right, almost in sight of the sisters rear objective. Marbo and the Banewolf stayed in reserve.

Deployment with objectives.
Turn 1 – Sisters of Battle
Celestine flies the full distance forward, towards my objective holders. A rhino moves out from the centre towards the troops as well. The Devastators come on at the back as well as another Rhino full of troops. Celestine pulls out the heavy flamer and takes out some of the Lascannons, they decide to flee backwards.

The Bitch!

Turn 1 – Imperial Guard
The rest of the Force rolls on. The Manticores, Hydras and Vendettas move on the right flank. The Veterans come on the left to bolster the objective holders. With Night Fighting in full effect I attempt to take some shots but fail to illuminate anything aside from Celestine, she gets nailed and dies.

Right Flank

Turn 2 – Sisters of Battle
Celestine decides to just get back up. An Exorcist rolls on at the rear near the Devastators as does a Rhino of troops which appears near the Sisters rear objective. The Rhino from the Centre rolls forwards and disgorges some troops behind it, popping smoke. The rear line of the Sisters shoot and manage to immobilize a Vendetta, they also manage to wreck a Chimera. Celestine continues her reign of Terror, killing the infantry squad with a combination of flamer and melee death.

Celestine runs rampant

The flank holds

Turn 2 – Imperial Guard
Marbo appears in the rear next to the Devastators, the Vets head towards the objective whilst the infantry platoon chimera rolls forward. Shooting sees Celestine get taken down, again, and a nice Manticore shot and other combined fire manages to take out a bunch of sisters who got out of the Central Rhino. A couple of Devastators go down to a demo charge from Marbo.

Turn 3 – Sisters of Battle
The Three Fast Attack Melta wagons roll on, outflanking, two appear next to the objective and one on the right next to my Manticores. Celestine gets up, again, and heads towards the Vets. The Henchmen arrive and drive full speed towards the centre. Shooting doesn’t go well for me, Celestine flames the Vets and subsequently finishes them off in CC. The Melta squads pop a Manticore on the right and the CCS Chimera on the left. The Devastators try in vain to take out Marbo but he survives.

Meltas arrive

On both sides

Turn 3 – Imperial Guard
The Banewolf arrives and heads towards the left, hoping to take out some of the melta troops. The PCS also moves across to do some flaming. The Vets on the left head towards the objective. I shoot into the Melta Vets on each side and manage to take them all out. Marbo shoots and breaks the Devastators who proceed to flee off the table.

Marbo doing his work
Celestine doing hers

Turn 4 – Sisters of Battle
The second Exorcist rolls on to sit behind the right hand objective. Celestine jumps towards the CCS in the Corner whilst the Henchmen move forward. The sisters on the centre objective hop out of the vehicle. The Melta squad on the right mounts up and heads towards the Vets chimera. The Vets Chimera gets popped by melta shooting and explodes, the guys hunker down in the crater of their vehicle. The Exorcist tries in vain to 
kill Marbo. Celestine flames and assaults the Autocannons, killing them all.

Turn 4 – Imperial Guard
The Melta Vets move forward to the edge of their crater and fire up the Meltas. The Banewolf heads towards the centre of the table. The Melta vets manage to Shake, Weapon Destroy and Immobilzes the Rhino but that’s it… The Banewolf flames some troops and grabs a couple of kills. The CCS tries to take out Celestine but fails. Marbo wanders towards the Exorcist, slaps on a Melta bomb which goes off, wrecking the tank.

Last ditch Banewolf rush!

Turn 5 – Sisters of Battle
Celestine moves towards the CCS. The Meltas on the right disembark and prepare to fry the Vets. The troops in the barely alive Rhino disembark and grab the objective. The Henchmen pile out into the Banewolf. The vets get melta’d to death. Celestine assaults and wipes out the CCS. The Banewolf gets immobilized and weapon destroyed on the assault.

Vets meet their end

Turn 5 – Imperial Guard
I have 1 Chimera with 5 flamer chaps in, 1 Lascannon, Marbo, 1 Manticore missile and two Hydras left, things are looking grim. I try to think of a way I can salvage anything, but unfortunately it’s all against me. I maneuver as best as I can, the Lascannon fails to make an impact, the rest of the shooting is poor and I end my turn by having killed 2 sisters.

Not a lot left :(

We roll for a 6th turn and get it.

Turn 6 – Sisters of Battle
Celestine kills the Lascannon team and a few shoots plink off the Chimera.

Turn 6 – Imperial Guard
With nothing I can do the game pretty much ends.

Things are grim.

Victory to the Sisters of Battle!

I lost the Primary and Secondary and managed to scrape two VPs for killing so much stuff. The final result was 18-2.

I think that my main problem was not knowing what the sisters could do, also my objectives were in a bad place and I should have really deployed better, not knowing what Celestine could do to me meant I was really exposed, I should have turtle up and gone for a last minute Gypsy with the Vendettas or something, hindsight is wondrous.

Playing the game again I would have done a lot different. The means that I drop down from table two to Number 5 to face off against Space Wolves.


  1. Was a good battle report and made for a very enjoyable read.

    This happened to catch my eye:

    "With it being dawn of war the Sisters deployed Celestine in the central Building with two Rhinos full of sisters hidden behind this building,"

    I was under the impression that transports count as a troop choice in Dawn of war. So he'd have four troops and a HQ placed on turn 1.

    1. I may have got it wrong and they might have come on turn 1, I can't remember exactly.

    2. It was Celestine in the building and just the one squad of Sisters in the Rhino behind said building which filled up the slots allowed to deploy.

      Sorry I got to this so late but cheers for posting this up. Hopefully I'll send more traffic your way shortly.

  2. Transports do count for 1 of your deployment options in DOW unless you're a guard platoon.

  3. Yup, only one Rhino, the passengers and Celestine can go down in DOW mission. Might be a misprint, the wording of later turns suggests that only one Rhino went down in the centre.