Sunday, 18 December 2011

Moocon a Summary

I had a great time, it certainly allowed me to push through my hangover early on. I had 2 stupid losses that could have been draws or even wins. The first game was a wipe and I wasn't prepared, I guess never using the blob before contributed.

Part of the issue was the FoC restrictions and my lack of firepower, with 3 long ranged Str7+ weapons being all I had. Also being unable to take loads of power weapons on the infantry and other goodies left me with a take on some things list but it wasn't strong.

Guard really excel at 1500 points+ with lots of mobility and armour to hide those fragile human bodies behind.

I leant a lot about how the game plays and seeing how I've been playing for about 2 months now I've come a long way back into the hobby and with my Xmas gifts from Me to Me, I think I should be bringing it at Moocon and Knowing how to bring the Thunder.

The list is going to get revised but lets just assume there will be so many tanks to roll on and crush things, hard.
Christmas Presents!

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