Saturday, 3 December 2011

Finally, a Win!

This post is a little late, wanted to do it Thursday evening but been busy with getting up early to work and needing lots of sleep. So heres the game from thursday against Francescos Marines. Looking back on it I've only fought Marines:
  • Blood Angels - Draw
  • Black Templars - Draw
  • Grey Knights  -Loss
  • Chaos Marines -Undecided (probably a win)
  • Space Wolves - Loss
  • Vanilla Marines - Win

Was a 6 objective fight, Dawn of War.

Francesco only had infantry and only about 4 ranged Tank killers and a few Meltas, I spent al my time shooting pie plates and tanks at Marines.

The Vets Outflanked on each side and took an objective on one and crushed the guys holding the other.

My command Squad and Heavy Weapons team held the left flank the whole game, with the Bane Wolf hiding until it could strike, then proceeding to kill 12 or so marines.

two Leman russ lived, although 1 was immobilised.

The Chimeras offered excellent fire support and a last minute load up and drive gave me the chance to take back my right objective, leaving me with the two middle objectives unclaimed, the Banewolf saw to that, many Marines died. My Right objective claimed, Francescos Right objective in my hands and my left one contested.

We did roll for another tunr but Fran only had 3 marines left and the Banewolf was pointing at two of them and the other faced the two russ and a couple of chimeras, and a Vendetta was there to mop up, just in case.
Left Flank and objective

Right Flank and objective

Central objectives

The Marine Line takes shape

The Marine line runs towards me, they all run.

They close in on the right flank.

<3 Pie Plates

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