Saturday, 3 December 2011

Mounting weapons and "Marbo"

Got on with a bit more stuff this morning, nowt special, first was touching up Marbo, so that he looks lie hes throwing the "demo charge" instead of it being grafted to his hand.

I filed down the top of the belt on the hand and added more of it coming out the bottom of it, I think it looks pretty dynamic now.

Marbo Front

Marbo Back

I was also thinking to make him stand out and fit in with the sort of subterfuge hidden chap striking from the shadows that he needs something to show this.

I want to try and capture him standing up with his charge and chucking it on something whilst his camo is falling away. I saw something like this in a movie once, I think, probably.

The concept it so make a camo netting style cloak, like this:

It does fit the two search criteria, Camo and Net.

Actually more like this:

Urban netting.

So I did a mock up with a bit of tissue paper, the concept is to use Gauss bandage and just cure it in a PVA Water + Paint mix to give it colour and shape, then stick it on. Not sure how it will turn out, I'll make it first then try and apply it.

Camo Netting concept Front

Camo Netting concept Back

Marbo is currently drying after being black primed, so I can paint some of him, going to have to take care with him. Although in games he'll be there for 1 turn...

 Next was to look at the Vendettas, with the 2nd Magnet order hopefully here for Thursday

The unpacked paint table, staying neater this time!
 I'm going to have to magnetise the Hardpoints as well as the three weapon options for both of the planes.

A hardpoint

Weapon options
 I'm also going to have to do the same for the weapon housing on the front of the plane.

Multilaser or Lascannon

How it should fit.
 Because when I put the first Valk together I didn't realise that I shouldn't glue everything down I did had to do some pulling and snapping to get things off, so time to fix that mess, using the Liquid green stuff, which is great.

Best brush ever!

Pint filled and hole drilled

Repairs on the rockets.

I also chanced upon my ladys collection of a Blood Angel army that is pretty much untouched. hoping to try and get her playing, either with these or her Dark Space Elves. Theres also a Metal Daemon Prince in there and I remember there being a Juggernaught of Khorne somewhere else..

Shiny red Man Dollies! Needs more Melta.

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  1. If that Daemon Prince and/or Chaos Rhino isn't wanted, I'd be willing to take them off your hands (or hers), for a price of course. I'm no scrounger.