Sunday, 18 December 2011

Moocon, Battle 2

Game 2
Tau - Dawn of War, Kill points

I wasn't expecting to face Tau really but they turned up anyway.

I deployed 1 40 man Blob on the left side in cover and another 10 man on the right.
The rest was rolling in on Turn one.


The Tau Rocked up with 2 Devilfish/Hammerhead thing's and 5 Battle Suits, I'm not sure how the Codex is laid out but I feel that there may have been replication in this list that wasn't quite legal.

Anyway the Game was fairly simple case of me getting shot to pieces but failing to kill anything as the squads were bolstered by Gun Drones that were able to absorb any casualties.

And with Blast templates and 4 shot cannons and rocket pods, the guardsmen got screwed.

Kroot then Rocked up and out assaulted me, and I proceeded to Roll 1s each turn for moving through cover and was unable to pour fire on them due to some stupid TloS rules which I need to check on.

Game 2, a loss, nothing wholly killed but I lost a fair whack, again.

Again for this game I should have Blobbed up, sat tight and shot back as best I could, having only 1 Lascannon and the Hydra as anything resembling fire-power meant that I was struggling to kill the Armour and high armour save battle suits.

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  1. It was only 4 battle suits a hq the shas'o plus he joined a unit of 3 battle suits as their not a vehicle squadron (there only toughness 4 infantry)
    It would mean the likes of Nobs could only have 1 guy in a squad as its duplication. You did get jipped but most lists got caught in the same way.
    It just worked out that tau were some way viable
    for this tourney which I liked. Nice to see your battle reports.