Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Magnets and Scratch Building

So the Magnets arrived, they are very very very tiny, and so strong, they kept getting stuck to all my tools.

MAGNETS! How do they work?

Tiny Magnets.
I had to paint them to make sure I never messed up the Polarity when I was attaching things, this took some time, and they are very hard to separate.

Kitchen Knife!
I started with the wings for one Vendetta, which went well. I was also able to do the Lascannons for the hardpoints as well as the one for the side of the hull.

A wing


 It actually all stays together when you pick it up as well (by the body)

I also needed to have some Autocannons for my Moocon List, well Magnets and plastic tubing/rod can save the day!
First it's a Bolter...

Now, Autocannon!

And another thing I need for Moocon is a Hydra, my parts from Maelstrom only just got dispatched today, I hope they arrive for Xmas, theres a slim chance but hey.

I emailed the guys from Bitspudlo to ask them status, nothing back yet but they could be in the mailbox somewhere.

So I needed to Make a Flak Cannon, with my new materials and some Artistic inspiration I set to work...

Concept Art © Ikebox
And this is what I was able to come up with, I'm quite proud of it to be honest, it looks okay and it's clear what it's meant to be.

Finished product.


Mounted on Custom Door Chimera

So thats it, 3 posts in one Evening, blame the camera, and my laziness.

I'll get my List for Moocon up tomorrow and will be taking the camera along on Saturday to chronicle my defeat(s), it's a Fun Highlander style Tournament, no Duplicates and a 1k points limit, looking forward to seeing what people come up with.

Going to play on Thursday night as well, will see if I test the Moocon list or keep it a guarded secret and then surprise everyone with it's idiocy.

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