Sunday, 18 December 2011

Moocon, Battle 3

Game 3
Space Wolves, Pitched Battle, Capture and Control

Game 3 was a simple one, hold my own objective and try and take the enemies.

I decided to go for a 10 man squad on my objective, spread out to prevent wolf scouts, with a 40 man shield who could wander up and nick the enemy objective.

Blob of 40, Mortars and Squad of 10

The Bike Wolves started out by heading for me at full speed, showing no fear the entire army opened up with all weapons, leaving 1 Rune priest alive. GO FLASH LIGHTS!

All the guard shoot, a lot
The remaining priest assaults, and combat is lost but the commissar keeps them in check and we hold the line and fight on, eventually killing the chap.

A Rhino of Wolves then heads down, gets shot up and the blob rolls forward into the fight, after 2 rounds of Combat the wolves lie dead with 12 guys still alive and kicking.

Rhino Wolves un load and the Blob gets stuck in

Whilst this is ongoing the Vets Rock up, they torch the Whirlwind with their Meltas, killing 4 of themselves in the process. and then prepare to feel the retribution from a Pack of Wolves.

Whirlwind down, Marines, angry.

The Veteran Seargeant makes it out of the combat and flees away but then Suddenly a Wild Marbo appears. One Demo Charge Later, no wolves left, 7 of them go down.

Wolf Scouts then appear but on the wrong table edge and they trash teh Hydra, but it's too little to late.

Scouts appear on the flank.

The Blob runs up with the CCS providing orders from the command Chimera, they make the run whilst the Vendetta pops the Razor back, The Vet squad gets rallies to avoid being counted  as destroyed and the objective is taken!

The final push by the blob takes the objective.

This game was a nice win and it showed how effective the blob can be with a commissar. Marbo did well and arrived at just the right time, the scouts coming from the other edge meant I had no threat from them and it was a nice win.

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