Sunday, 18 December 2011

Moocon, Battle 5

Game 5
Grey Knights, Spearhead, Annihilation (kill points)

Having learnt from my other games with the blobs I decided that now was the time to blob up and not give away points there, so I deployed up in the corner blob shield and all and sat and waited for the shiny metal marines.

Blob shielding everything.

The only thread to me was a Psyrifleman dread, thankfully I nailed that early on with the Hydra and my 1 Lascannon and the Sniper rifle actually managed to Shake it!

The Knights have to move if they want to win.
I would have won were it not for my stupidity, I tried to suicided in my vets moving flat out and missing out on shooting, they got nailed and gave away 2 kill points.

Marbo rocked up and checked his charge, scattered 12 and went down, this was my 3rd point.

Having Killed his dread and Razor back I was on for a win if I hadn't been so stupid, I'm kicking myself now.

1 Assault marine, or whatever they are for Grey Knights managed to live after my sustained mortar fire, and he managed to knock off the Hydra turret, the only thing that might have been able to hit it in the rear corner.

It should have been a draw or even a win for me I should have just brought the vets on and hidden, maybe popped something with the Vendetta, but I did out range him, oh well.

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